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Chainsmith's favoured lenses for riders serious about performance while maintaining eye health. The photochromatic lens is for use in conditions of variable light. Because we tend to ride early mornings in Australia we often encounter the extremes of dark and light during the one ride. The photochromatic lens guarantees excellent visibility, both in poor and intense light conditions.

CAT 0 ÷ 3 | TRA 23% ÷ 80%


DELTA uses VZUM™ AF-LENS, a photochromatic lens that adapts itself to the intensity of the light present in the environment and automatically changes colour, shielding off harmful UV rays of any sort.
Their temporary transformation takes place in a short period of time but it is, nevertheless, gradual and independent of any atmospheric factors. The optical strain is therefore reduced to a minimum and the lenses remain active even on a cloudy day.

What’s in the box

Your VZUM™ F-LENS will be delivered in elegant and sturdy packaging, made from heavy white cardboard. You will receive a box containing a lens, a microfibre cloth for cleaning, CE guaranteed.

* Also see the optical clip option for riders needing prescription lenses to accompany their Alba.

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