Chesini Bikes

Founded in 1925 by Gelmino Chesini the Chesini brand carried on with his son in a village near Verona. This is a brand with impressive pedigree, winning multiple Amateur World Championships in the 1960s.

Today, based in the heart of Verona, Chesini bikes are renowned for their impeccable handling as much as their unique style. Handbuilt with dedication, each frame illustrates faultless skill and attention.

Chesini offers frames to impress with technical precision and artistic flair. His flamboyant, creative license does not diminish the outstanding comfort and performance qualities in Chesini’s range of titanium, carbon or steel frames.

Chesini focuses on producing the highest quality bikes while retaining individualism. Extremely committed to demonstrating precise bike fit the Chesini custom bike will complement a riders specific physique and proportions.

A Chesini frame is suited to a rider wanting a robust performance frame to achieve specific cycling goals. The frame will also ignite pride in the unique details - signatures of Chesini himself.

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