Pinarello Bikes

Pinarello is one of the most renowned manufacturers of Italian high performance race bikes.

The brand itself epitomises the modern racing machine. Aesthetic appeal, mechanical precision and cutting edge technology.

When it comes to exceptional manufacture and impressionable frame geometry, Pinarello calibre is demonstrated in their sponsorship of team Ineos Grenadiers (formerly known as Team Sky); one of the most prolific and competitive of men’s pro peloton teams.

The Pinarello name not only represents a strong history of stage and overall victories in pro tour and classic races such as Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta de Espana, Pinarello also brings a luxurious, professional product to the consumer market. It represents a rider with an appreciation for the finest offerings of both Italian quality and design.

The owner of a Pinarello is one who wants to experience the best possible performance a manufactured racing bike can offer.

In technical terms, the Pinarello frames are set apart from others, due to the wide selection of sizes amongst its high end models. This means your style of riding can be adapted depending on whether you take an aggressive position or a relaxed position.

While Pinarello is not custom in the traditional sense of the word (you can read about what makes a custom bike here, it is potentially the closest a factory “off the rack” frame set can offer with its wide range of sizing options.


  • Dogma F12 Grenadier
  • Dogma F12
  • Dogma F12 XLight
  • Dogma F10
  • Dogma K10S
  • Prince FX
  • Prince
  • Paris
  • Gan
  • Angliru
  • Razha

Chainsmith Verdict

At the forefront of not only design but technology, Pinarello bicycles are exclusive and elusive. Their price reflects the calibre of the workmanship and the limited production numbers. Unlike their competitors such as Specialised or Trek, the frame sets are not replicated on a mass level. Hence a Pinarello owner will likely, and comparatively, stand out.

Are you interested in getting a factory frame, custom built Pinarello bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to decide on a factory frame built with our selection of components, to ensure you are buying a road bike that delivers to your riding goals and aspirations. Or contact us here.

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