Zullo Bikes

About Zullo, the racer and the frame builder:

Tiziano Zullo was once a competitive cyclist leading him to become one of Italy's most accomplished master frame builders.

During his final years in professional racing (both cyclocross and road) Zullo met with multiple professional builders. Alongside his experience as a rider, these meetings triggered a poignant shift in his career.  Putting his own racing aside, Zullo began to build frames. In a limited few years but with abundant talent and ambition, was making bikes for Pro Race Teams. In the late 80’s Zullo was already posting his frames across Europe, the United States and Australia. Today Zullo has expanded throughout Asia with increased popularity, especially in Japan, as well as here at Chainsmith, Australia.

Zullo frames are recognised for competing and winning stages during the 80's and 90's racing circuit, including Milan San Remo, the Northern Classics, Tour De France, Giro d’Italia, La Vuelta and World Championships.

The road riders Zullo attracts today are not enamoured by shiny mass-produced frames molded by factory means. A Zullo client is after something special... something that will last. Most importantly, the frame will fit their bodies to exact proportions to conform to the terrain they aspired to ride. Zullo prides himself on the precise balance created between the rider’s position and the bicycle. The result is an experience of unity with the frame that immediately translates to better performance.

Frame Materials

Steel, Stainless Steel


  • Inqubo
  • Vergine
  • Gravel
  • Pantarei
  • Tour 91
  • Vintage

Chainsmith Verdict

The importance of the unity created between the rider and the frame are specific to Zullo and distinguishes the ride experience from others. The Zullo attention to balance the rider and frame alongside the construction materials and technique is exceptional. Zullo is a master. To meet with Zullo is to comprehend how industrious and precise is his workmanship. Aside from the precise personalised handling, to own a Zullo is to proudly contribute to Italy’s incredible Cycling history.

Are you interested in getting a custom built Zullo bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to build a bike made to measure, hand crafted to accommodate your physical and cycling goals, designed with your ride experience in mind. Or contact us here.

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