Bixxis Bikes

Bixxis honours above all the craftsmanship required to create steel and titanium performance frames for contemporary riding.

Doriano De Rosa is from the illustrious De Rosa pedigree of Italian racing. He entered a new chapter when joining forces with his daughter Mariana to create Bixxis.

Doriano and Mariana's passion for cycling is the basis for the creation of Bixxis that includes beautiful, artisanal bicycles built for the 21st century cyclist. This is what the acronym Bixxis means - Italian Bicycles for the XXI (21st) century.

Each frame is hand made at the Seregno workshop. The Bixxis philosophy lies in their essential values of: a taste for well-made things, tradition and curiosity for innovation.

By using steel and titanium Bixxis frames celebrate longevity while holding their value, unlike carbon comparisons. With TIG welding, Bixxis creates extremely lightweight frames. The method allows aesthetically pleasing welds both accurate and strong.

Frame Materials

Steel, Titanium


  • Prima
  • Pathos
  • Fronda
  • Epopea

Chainsmith Verdict

Bixxis frames are for a rider seeking classic expression balanced by contemporary technical solutions in lightweight materials. These are some of the lightest weight frames we’ve had in our workshop. The Bixxis ride experience is designed to be a fluid one aimed for comfort. The balance a rider achieves on a Bixxis frame allows long unhindered riding. Alongside the exceptional ride experience, style is high on the list of Bixxis’ agenda.

Are you interested in getting a custom built Bixxis bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to build a bike made to measure, hand crafted to accommodate your physical and cycling goals, designed with your ride experience in mind. Or contact us here.

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