DeAnima Bikes

The Pegoretti name of DeAnima is synonymous to the revered history of Italian frame building. The Pegoretti name aside, Gianni and his team are straight talkers, their philosophy simple; create a frame to work for its rider.

DeAnima was born from the brilliance and talent of Gianni Pegoretti, Antonio Attanasio and Matt Cazzaniga, together producing a phenomenal range. A frame is built to suit every style of road riding and gravel adventure.

Driven by a desire to retain the Italian tradition of frame building, the team are simultaneously modifying the craft with contemporary methods of production. They are continually pushing boundaries to willingly work with their clients desire.

DeAnima's ambitious paintwork, abstract colour and graphics is testament to a contemporary outlook that remains in touch with the priorities of today’s rider. They offer riders unique, individual riding properties.

The owner of a DeAnima frame will celebrate the brash bold statement this Italian Brand brings to the forefront. Yet, beneath the aesthetic is a frame promising to fulfil the performance requirements of a contemporary rider.

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