Reviewing the DeAnima custom AMG+

Reviewing the DeAnima custom AMG+

Recently a client Greg took his one-of-a-kind carbon DeAnima on an inaugural spin around Sydney. Only months before Greg had considered a new bike as an intended birthday gift to himself. Yet when it came to options Greg never imagined investing in a custom frame. "I always felt it was way above my riding skills, needs and budget." A few weeks into riding we ask Greg about the advantages of owning a professionally hand built frame compared to his Trek Domane. Apparently you feel part of a machine. But, in Greg's words, "I was really pleasantly surprised with the costs, which were very reasonable for what I got."

Many riders are keen to know more about custom, and yet the term "custom" sounds complicated with far too many options. The truth is that buying a frame built by a master builder and guided by expert advice is a rewarding experience.

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When it comes to ordering custom from reputable stores, the process should be straightforward. Greg's experience with the DeAnima was the same of every client. At Chainsmith you can be sure the accuracy, attention to detail, and matching of every element is chosen to prioritise all your future cycling needs.

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To start, the initial process for Greg was to complete our assessment tool - the Recommended Best Bike Form. This step looked solely at Greg and his riding priorities. Like most things in life, the first step always seems the hardest. But filling the form is pain free and takes only 7 minutes.

"I felt like I was part of the building journey"

The stages, from filling the form to finally taking the bike home, should be nothing like buying a bike off-the-shelf. The frame is an extension of your riding aspirations and you, as such, are instrumental in each step of the decision making.

Greg was no exception when it came to playing an important role in the process. "I felt like I was part of the building journey and when the bike arrived it immediately felt perfect for my body. The comfort is unmatched."


Like all our custom bike riders, there is plenty for the rider to choose to make this bike unique and personal. From internal cable routing to the style of fork, the frame gives opportunity to tailor your technical requirements, style, and aesthetic sensibilities.

carbon frame by deanima

It's not just the incredible 3k carbon finish that makes this bike stand apart at the cafe. Bike Builder Gianni Pegoretti and the DeAnima team created a geometry with particular attention to tubing shapes that perfectly suit endurance as well as local Australian riding goals. That means the short punchy Sydney hills were accounted for.

The intention was that Greg should continue to enjoy his typical routes along the Northern beaches, Akuna Bay and Mosman. But he especially needed a bike for intended endurance challenges. "I have ridden a dozen longer rides (eg. Brisbane to Sydney) for a charity I'm involved with over the last 20 years."

How did the DeAnima come about? The AMG+ is designed with longer thin rear stays assisting to minimise vibration. The slightly wider tyre clearance allows for modern preferences of 28"+ width. A higher stack does away with unnecessary spacers that affect bike handling and, let's be honest, distract from the beauty a bike may possess. As Gregg attests, "The handling and responsiveness is amazing compared to what I was used to."


Customised geometry is a pragmatic solution for many clients experiencing continual discomfort on the bike. Because of the limits in generic bike sizing, clients who present pain tend to be either petite or rather tall riders, or riders with limited flexibility. Hence, problems with fit can just as easily involve cyclists of average height who fail to find comfort.

"Because of a cranky lower back I needed to be fitted and the IdMatch bike fit system was perfect for this."

In the case of our rider here, Greg is 60 years. He's realistic yet unwilling to compromise when it comes to embracing future riding goals that require maximised comfort.

As we age our measurements, like height or inner seam, can remain consistent. But with everyday lifestyles our dynamic ride position is affected by developed postural tendencies, limited range of movement, poor flexibility, and injury. in other words, we can share the same measurements as a friend, but not replicate performance or comfort from the same bike. That's why a bike fit, like the IdMatch bike fit, is the best way to find your most appropriate bike rather than following size guides and using your basic body measurements.

 Pegoretti Sydney custom bikes

In the case of our DeAnima here, we produced a perfectly tuned frame made with true custom geometry that challenges factory size limitations. Let's face it, most of us aren't made from a cookie cutter, we're individuals with unique idiosyncrasies and riding needs.

This particular DeAnima AMG+ frame is designed with full integrated cabling. Adding the new Deda Elementi Superbox for a minimalist cockpit provides a beautiful aesthetic the owner will cherish for years. On the side, we also added two Alpitude Component carbon bottle cages handcrafted in Italy.

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While there exist custom claims from plenty of new-age frame producers, DeAnima doesn't outsource the build or simply change a colour and slap on "custom" signage. This is a one of a kind handcrafted frame built by an Italian master with the individual rider in mind.

As always, the proof is in the experienced words of the rider. Greg beautifully illustrates how a custom frame is incomparable. "I could not be happier with the outcome and would recommend to anyone thinking about a new bike to check this out, it is really brilliant to ride."

Interested in a custom frame? You are welcome to begin the process, and fill the Recommended Best Bike Form below. For any information on the IdMatch bike fit, please head to our services page or contact us for more details.

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