Custom Frame / Custom Built Bikes

Custom Frame Geometry, Components and build: Working with us to build your Custom Bike

This bike is completely customised to your cycling needs.

You are buying a bike made to measure, hand crafted to accommodate your physical and cycling goals, designed with your ride experience in mind. Your bike will be one of a kind.

Starting with the heart of the bike; the frame, the frame geometry is expertly designed by one of our superior Italian Frame Building partners. We first use our IdMatch bikefit Lab to accurately measure and prefectly position you according to your riding goals and performance needs.

Each tube of the frame reflects your personal body measurements to create a piece unique for you

While the frame is being handcrafted in Italy, we work with you to achieve the perfect build by selecting every component to complement your future cycling. Components are sourced from our finest manufacturers and extend to group sets, wheels, bars, stems, seat post and saddle. We only choose accessories from our range of expert craftsmen

Custom Frame / Custom Built Road Bikes are for riders ready to invest in made-to-order pieces, handcrafted with longevity in mind. These riders are inspired by individuality. They stand out for their differences, and make a statement of their ideals. A Custom Frame / Custom Built bike embodies freedom, commitment to long term health, a respect for craftsmanship and the history of cycling.

When you invest in a Chainsmith custom road bike, your bike will have a guaranteed bike fit geometry designed by experts. This will deliver better ride performance and enhanced comfort. As the unique, one of a kind frame is tailored to you, the risk of injury and fatigue significantly decreases

Working with alternative Custom Frame Builders

Working with a custom builder not on our list? We appreciate craftsmanship and welcome both frame builders and riders to utilise our bike fitting system. Because our custom methods of providing the best bikes comes from years of experience we've worked with many builders beyond our own partners. Our Sydney workshop has had the pleasure of fitting and building Baum, Pegoretti, Passoni, Mooro and The Lost Workshop to name a few. You will also have access to our bike consultants and mechanics, providing not only your precise measurements, and bike position, but offer recommendations and quotes with the latest and most suitable components.

To create each unique road bike we work with the best Italian frame builders, including

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Michael Priddis

Custom Chesni

"Getting on my Chesini was like getting on a thoroughbred racehorse. It was immediately more responsive, yet forgiving. I previously rode a Lapierre Sensium 200 with Shimano 105 gears, which is a fine bike, but the change to the Chesni is like night and day.

I chose a custom steel frame, so I have a bike tailored to my exact physical proportions and takes into account my recent spinal surgery. I also think it will outlast me. The team at Chainsmith were brilliant throughout the whole buying process. I now consider Ali, David and Ben friends. Their support was paramount when I was buying my Chesini, because this was not only a significant financial investment, it is an investment in my future health.

Since I switched to the custom Chesni, my rising experience has been fantastic and fun. I can’t see myself going for a “cookie cutter” bike ever again, no matter how well it is fitted. The Chesini also gets all the admiring looks at the café!"

Malcolm Blunt

Chesini Kreois

"David and Ali at Chainsmith were a massive help. I’m the kind of person who trusts the judgement and experience of others and will happily take advice, and I felt I always got honest and astute advice from Chainsmith.

Having help to choose my own components was massive. So many options but David helped particularly on handlebars, wheels and even down to front light. He cares about all the details.

It’s a real privilege to have been able to build a custom bike, and it’s an investment in money and time to do it. But worth it, especially if you are riding regularly. Life is too short to ride a bike you don’t love!"

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Need help deciding your best bike option? Complete a simple questionnaire to receive our recommendation.

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