Settled in the bustling heart of Surry Hills atop the Bourke St Bike Lane, Chainsmith Bike Shop has become the favourite Eastern Suburbs LBS. Why are we the favoured local bike shop? Because not only is Chainsmith run by the passion for Cycling, each time you walk through the door you know who'll be serving and looking after your cycling needs.

Our team are experienced riders, mechanics and sales staff waiting to help. We strive to provide support and advice every step of the way. 

So, who are we? ....





Ali left Academia to work in the Cycling industry and essentially become one of a handful of women in the scene.

While having a passion for womens cycling, Ali's aim is to encourage all new riders. Co-owner of Chainsmith, Ali heads sales, marketing, ride leading but particularly enjoys "testing bikes."

Perks of her job? Being inspired by fit people, and joining bike demo weekends.. in Italy. Apparently you can also call her Dr.




Dave goes by a few names. Those who know him well might get away with calling him the 'grumpy goat'. Italian to the core, we are proud to have this Euro perfectionist in our midst. Co-owner of Chainsmith, Dave's passion for cycling, commitment for perfection, and insatiable fixation on quality assure the products at Chainsmith meet our criteria - "If you don't use it yourself, I don't put it in the shop".

If there's something to discuss about cycling technology, innovative product or design, Dave is here. Unless he's racing. And if you're lucky to catch him, you've no chance of hanging on.




Even before joining Chainsmith Justin was also a very particular mechanic with a penchant for detail. While Justin well and truly proved he had the skills, we knew it was his blend of near-neurotic cleanliness and keen appreciation for aesthetic perfection that would add and improve our team.

The art of bar-wrapping never looked so pure. And when your bike gets the full service, she'll shine like a statue of Victor Noir. A keen rider on both road and cyclo tracks, Justin just scored by becoming one of Australia's first Velocio Ambassador's.



We've an Instagram and Facebook account that tracks our current news and events.
We welcome you to join us here and love to hear your comments #chainsmithbikes
ph:+61 2 8068 2859



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