Dedacciai Bikes

Dedacciai has an illustrious history that remains relatively unknown to the Australian market. Across Europe and The United States, Dedacciai is celebrated for its hand in creating numerous Tour winning bicycles. A most famous historical reference is the Bianchi ridden by Marco Pantani made from Dedacciai tubing.

Providing the tubing for many high performance bike and frame manufacturers, (such as Pinarello and Bianchi), Dedacciai produce a small and exclusive range of in-house, carbon race bikes. This includes Aero, Endurance, TT and Cyclocross models.

The current Dedacciai owners, Luca and Stefano, are grandsons of Martino Colombo, famous for the legendary Empire Columbus tubing. Since splitting from the Columbus name the company has continued to forge forward and produce a series of competitive carbon models.

With access to the highest grades of carbon fibre, alongside a history of making tubing for the best bike manufacturers, Dedacciai do not produce road bikes for the lower spectrum or beginner market. Their bikes are for seasoned (and aspiring) professional athletes, most notable being Australian Triathletes Emma Jeffcoat and Ryan Bailie.

With their wealth of experience in tubing and bike manufacturing Dedacciai is at the forefront of creating high performance bikes. Their expertise ensures they create the desired ride characteristics for any rider by tailoring requirements according to a frame’s stiffness, compliance, vibration dampening and response.

So why is Dedacciai not flooding the market or widely known? Because their customers (Pinerallo and co) are also their competitors...they maintain a low profile in the cycling community, but are appreciated by discerning riders.


  • Scuro 25
  • Atleta
  • Vertigine
  • Titanio
  • Zero

Chainsmith Verdict

Dedacciai is suited to a rider with an appreciation for cycling race history, beautiful frame design and a road bike that promises to compete alongside the most renowned names amongst the pro peloton. Don’t forget, their sister brand Deda Elementi is ridden in every pro Peloton Tour. Dedacciai logistically remains a quiet name due to the larger market it works alongside. It is nevertheless competitive, and often the test for Deda itself.

For Chainsmith only, each Dedacciai frame from Italy is available with an option to customise the colour and graphics. This gives the more creative cyclist a chance to express themselves on every ride.

Are you interested in getting a factory frame by Dedacciai? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to decide on a factory frame built with our selection of components, to ensure you are buying a road bike that delivers to your riding goals and aspirations. Or contact us here.

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