IdMatch Bike Fit Lab is now at Chainsmith, Sydney

Sydneys expert bike fitting services are available for all road and gravel riders. The only IdMatch bike fit system in Australia, this is the most technically advanced system with tens of thousands of bike models to assist you in perfecting your bike fit, but also choosing your next bike with accurate sized frame and components.

Who do we assist?
• Riders looking for an accurately sized, new bike
• Cyclists wanting to correct their current bike setup,
• Cyclists aiming to buy a custom frame with Chainsmith or alternative frame builder
• Australian or International Frame builders requiring client’s accurate measurements, dynamic details, builds, after service care. Please contact us for details

Why invest in a Bikefit?
Too many riders suffer from unnecessary pain inhibiting their ride experience. You may loose feeling in your hands, have irritation in your knees or back, and even neck pain. These common issues are however, often solved with accurate and professional bike fitting and appropriate adjustments.

What Chainsmith offers riders
At Chainsmith a holistic approach is applied to road bike and gravel bike fitting. Aside from the fit itself, we provide a complete range of quality components alongside expert mechanics who will efficiently complete your perfect fit beneath the same roof.

It certainly takes science to analyse and simulate your best bike using the IdMatch Bike Lab. But for you, the rider, the bike fit process is simple and extremely effective, making your cycling goals more obtainable to enrich your ride experience.

What bike can be fit?
We fit both road bikes and gravel bikes. If you have a tt bike with fitted bars, please contact us before booking.

How Bike fitting can improve your experience on the bike
Being positioned on a bike according to your biomechanics will provide comfort, enhance performance and increase confidence in bike handling. It will also inccrease efficiency. That's why correct bike fit is integral for competitive and amateur cyclists alike.

Which bike fit is right for me?
You, like many cyclists, may have visited several fitters without conclusive results. This tells us not only about the inconsistencies in bike fitting, but shows how important a "bike-fit first" is when it comes to initially investing in a bike. We provide new bike buyers the Premium "Fit-First" to prevent incorrectly investing in the wrong bike or size.

Sydney Bike fitting

The IdMatch technology is at Chainsmith. Alongside our years of bike fitting experience, the IdMatch Bike Lab will position you on your road or gravel bike with laser-guided accuracy.

You can read about the system and how it benefits you personally in the article, "IdMatch Bike Fit Lab at Chainsmith Australia."

Premium Fit First - For Riders Looking to Purchase a Bike

For riders looking for a new road or gravel bike, the system will recommend the appropriate sizing of a model you choose according to you and your riding. IdMatch will also provide detailed recommendations on 1000’s of available components as well as cleat placement and saddle.If you’ve already a bike in mind that may include either a factory or custom frame from Chainsmith or otherwise, we can have you set up in position before you order to ensure the fit and your components are equally correct. You can even pedal on the simulated geometry of your favoured bike model. If you are unsure of which bike will best suit your needs, we also recommend filling out your best bike form.

Sydney idmatch bike fit

Comprehensive Bike Fit for Existing Bike Owners 

If you already own a road bike or gravel bike and want to enhance performance, comfort and reduce the chance of injury, IdMatch will dial your fit alongside giving recommendation for components to suit your riding goals.

The time it takes to complete a bike fit is extremely efficient and can reduce the manual labour by half. What previously took 2+ hours can be done in 1 or less. This is because your bike fit is adjusted as you pedal. There's no need to get on and off the bike with each finite change.

The first step is to understand your riding purpose, and this may include any issues currently preventing you from reaching your goals. Gathering data will let us understand your pain points as well as your body measurements and flexibility. The opportunity to simulate the position on the bike allows us to auto adjust as you pedal. The system senses incongruent movements, and readjusts accordingly.

It’s the sensitivity of the IdMatch system that allows for accurate recording of adjustments. Your bike will be set according to the positioning in which you perform best. That may also include discussing alternative components, which we can install to achieve your riding goals.

Bike fitting in sydney suited for riders wanting to improve comfort and performance

The IdMatch is used to complement our full range of bike services and professional advice. We have fit hundreds of riders over the last 6 years at Chainsmith. Book your road or gravel bike fit session now using the IdMatch bike fit system.

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