Cipollini Bikes

Likely known as the most flamboyant pro cyclist of all time, Mario Cipollini claimed near 200 professional wins. The question that founded the Cipollini brand? What would Mario have ridden during his professional career had he chosen the bikes himself? Hence the range of Cipollini are crafted in Italy as pure stiff, responsive and very fast high-end performance road bikes. These traits make the frames perfect for riders with sprinting sensibility. While the combined qualities epitomise the advancements of cycling technology, today Cipollini goes a step further with the 2021 release of a climbing model - the Dolomia.

The Cipollini range is impeccably engineered, beautifully constructed and aesthetically flawless. Traits typical of Italian design. Cipollini bikes have been on the market since the launch in 2010 and, like many premium brands, they’re hard to come by.

In essence the renowned style, brashness, and flamboyance of Mario reflect the very same qualities distinguishing the road bikes he creates.

Frame Materials



  • Dolomia
  • The One
  • MCM
  • NK1K
  • Bond
  • MCM All Road
  • NKTT
  • NKTR
  • Speed

Chainsmith Verdict

Flamboyant yet having the performance qualities of a true race bike, the Cippolini is not for riders wanting to blend in. In fact, be forewarned, when you own a Cippolini, it will be admired at every opportunity - both on the road and at the local café. Luckily every bike produced by Cipollini is dedicated to speed with a focus to successfully transfer power.  Just put your foot to the pedal to truly escape the mundane and replace it with the thrill of cycling.

Are you interested in getting a factory frame, custom built Cipollini bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to decide on a factory frame built with our selection of components, to ensure you are buying a road bike that delivers to your riding goals and aspirations. Or contact us here.

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