Cicli Barco Bikes

Since 1947, Cicli Barco has been dedicated to producing steel frames for the professional cycling sector.

With 3 generations of builders, the Barco family are experts in every aspect of racing frames, from creating geometry to enhance the best response of the bike for its rider, to the construction technique and finish. Every step of the build is completed internally, making each frame 100% Italian.

For custom bike owners it is important knowing that Alberto and Maurizio Barco are solely responsible for constructing every element of the frame.

Offering the custom frame owner the widest options in frame details, Cicli Barco are fiercely proud of their heritage alongside their perfected application of new technology in frame building precision.

Hand crafted techniques involving TIG welding and brazing go side-by-side with sophisticated CAD design. The blend of craftsmanship and innovation establish Cicli Barco as frame building leaders in Italy today.

Each frame is unique and timeless. Each frame is ready to ride, but also ready for inclusion in any revered collector’s catalogue. Cicli Barco owners demand the most and are rewarded with a highly crafted, 100% Italian, quality performance bike.

Frame Materials

Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon,or mix


  • XCR
  • Spirit
  • Lugs
  • MTB
  • Touring
  • Carbon

Chainsmith Verdict

Incredible to look at, incredible to ride. The Cicli Barco owner will be as excited by their frame in 10 years as they are the first time they experience it. A Barco attracts attention and best serves a rider looking to celebrate the sport of cycling and, more intimately, the ride feel. The rider can decide and choose between the most intimate details and technical innovations. When it comes to technical design and construction, Barco frames are second to none and are the most customisable

Are you interested in getting a custom built Cicli Barco bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to build a bike made to measure, hand crafted to accommodate your physical and cycling goals, designed with your ride experience in mind. Or contact us here.

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