Stainless Steel Custom bikes: Reviewing the Cicli Barco with Tamas

Stainless Steel Custom bikes: Reviewing the Cicli Barco with Tamas

You’re about to delve into the thrilling world of custom-built masterpieces with a one-on-one chat featuring Tamas, the newest proud owner of custom Cicli Barco steel road bike. So get prepared to take a ride down stainless steel dreams, exploring the journey from bike loss to a uniquely tailored, handmade wonder – the Cicli Barco. Get ready also, for experienced insights into frame choices, bespoke fittings, and the sheer joy of owning a truly individualised bicycle. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just gearing up for your first ride, saddle up as we uncover the story behind this two-wheeled marvel.

tamas review cicli barco steel road bike

Alison: What inspired your quest for a new, bespoke bike?

Tamas: I had long dreamt about owning a stainless steel bike - after already owning a steel frame in the past. I always liked the ride characteristics of steel and the look of stainless even more so since the first time I saw a Cinelli XCR. Following an unfortunate incident - and losing my bike in the process - the time was right to make the leap to a truly unique ride.

Alison: How did Chainsmith's expertise guide your frame and component choices?

Tamas: During one of my regular service visits to the Chainsmith shop, we had a chat about bikes, stainless steel in particular, and my interest piqued. David recommended a number of options I should look at. Of which Barco seemed the best match for me. After a few more discussions the rest of the process was easy with the Chainsmith team’s knowledge. We were also on a similar page regarding components: a handmade Italian bike deserves Italian components. Especially as I have been using Campagnolo wheels and gears forever, this wasn’t even really a question.

cicli barco steel custom frame

The bike turned out an absolute stunner in my - very biased - opinion. The parts and accessories beautifully match the paint scheme and style of the bike. And, most importantly, it rides incredibly well.

Alison: Where have you taken the bike, and what feedback can you share for our readers?

Tamas: I’ve been riding the bike around Sydney for a few months now. A joyful experience of smoothness and comfort on the less than perfect, often broken, surfaces in and around Sydney. An absolutely perfect companion for long days riding where the perfect fit and smooth riding quality of the frame helps keeping fresh for longer.

cicli barco custom bike Australia

Alison: For us, the IdMatch fitting experience in terms of measurements, has been a game-changer in assisting the custom bike process. Did you find the experience insightful and thorough?

Tamas: The IdMatch fitting is an absolute must even just to set up any new bike, let alone a custom build. I was lucky enough of already had been fitted with the machine for an existing frame, so understood the process. I could not recommend it enough to find an optimised fit on either a custom frame or an off-the-shelf bike. I had no issues ordering a frame based on the measurements of the fitting.

complete custom barco frame in sydney

Alison: A favourite part of receiving each frame from Italy is taking photos, because each is incredible unique and personalised. Reveling in the Beauty of your frame - how does the Barco's finish leave a lasting impression on you?

Tamas: It is just an absolute beautiful piece of engineering that gives me joy every time a ride or even just look at itl

Alison: We can’t argue the impact of a Custom Bike - Who should consider this bespoke experience?

cicli barco stainless steel frame in Sydney

Tamas: Pretty much anyone looking for buying a new higher end bike will suit a custom bike. Even more so for people with unique body measurements. You will end up with a bike that perfectly fits your body as well as your taste. And in today’s market you could end up paying more for an off-the-shelf bike that you see five of, on every coffee stop, than a one-of-a-kind bike made for you only.

Alison: Future Rides with the Cicli Barco - What lies ahead?

Tamas: At this stage I’m still riding around Sydney. Although I hope to venture to Canberra and Tasmania with it over the holidays...

Alison: And is there anything about the Chainsmith team, that you believe will assist a rider to find their best bike?

Tamas: I can only warmly recommend Chainsmith for all your riding needs. I’ve been riding for over a couple of decades, and residing in multiple countries during that time. It is incredibly hard - neigh impossible - to find a shop where professionalism, passion and human kindness creates such a great atmosphere and excellent service.




And there you have it,—a captivating ride through the world of custom bicycles with Tamas and his prized possession, the Cicli Barco. If this tale has sparked your interest in tailored, handmade bikes, it may be your time. All it takes is to fill out our recommended "Best Bike Form" to discover the perfect match for your riding style. We can ensure a ride that's not only tailored to your body but also a unique expression of your personal taste. Join the bespoke revolution, explore the roads of Australia, and beyond with a bike that's perfectly fitted to your unique characteristics.

We thanks Tamas for his time and generous words.

Images: Alison McGregor


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