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As Australia's premium Wilier Retailer, Wilier bikes arrive in our Sydney store each month. With their Italian manufacturing roots planted in Bassano from 1906, Wilier quickly developed popularity for their racing bikes. By 1946 in cooperation with the amateur race team Veloce Club Bassano, the first sports bicycle in the Wilier range was born. It was called the Wilier Triestina and exhibited the now iconic copper paint. The Wilier Triestina was the forerunner of the many frames built specifically for racing conditions.

Today, successful racing is a dominant focus for Wilier. In fact it's the template for most of their innovative work and heavily influences both designs and materials used to construct Wilier bikes.

Having more than a century of experience building high performance bikes, Wilier continues to develop through their motto "we don't just build bikes; we create them".

With stage wins gained throughout both Classics and the World Tours on-road and off-road, the Wilier range is extensive and promises to deliver performance needs for all cyclists.

Our most popular models? While the 0SLR is no doubt aesthetically pleasing and one of Wilier's lightest models to date, the Filante is popular for its lightness and aero profile. For Australian off-road conditions, the Wilier RAVE serves Sydney riders well as an all purpose performance bike. This is likely due to the unpredictable nature of both terrain, and road surface. The Jena has attracted attention of a growing gravel community, while the new Garda proves a stylish yet dependable endurance frame for riders wanting upgrades, or for those starting out with a bang.


  • Filante
  • 0SLR
  • Cento10SL
  • ZeroSL
  • Cento10NDR
  • Cento1NDR
  • Jena Gravel
  • Granturismo SLR
  • Cento10 Hybrid
  • Cento1 Hybrid
  • Garda
  • RAVE Gravel/road
wilier road bikes australia

Chainsmith Verdict

Our own use of the Wilier range is testament to the brands quality in ride experience. Typical of Wilier bikes is controlled handling, reliable cornering and stability. These three pillars are important when aspiring to fulfil your cycling goals.

Wilier provide the largest range of endurance bikes appropriate for amateur athletes who may not posess the flexibility of pro riders, but wish to maintain all the race attributes of high perfromance frames. We especially rely on Wilier to provide bikes designed to support the comfort of riders without compromises, of which a majority of high profile brands are unable and unwilling.

Are you interested in getting a factory complete Wilier bike? Find out more here about buying a factory complete bike from Chainsmith, where you are guaranteed a quality performance bike, made to the highest of cycling industry standards. Or contact us here.

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