Basso Bikes

Passion for bikes is an occupational requirement when it comes to the Basso family. Now, over 40 years since its birth, the company has developed a serious stable of beautiful machines that boast pedigree unlike most of their Italian manufacturing rivals. To this day, a Basso frame is made in house, 100% Italian, including both construction and paint.

As aesthetically appealing as every Basso is, don't be fooled into believing it lacks in racing lustre. These bikes are built for performance and there's a model suitable for every rider's goal be it endurance, criterium, gravel or triathlon.

With each change of year comes sophisticated adaptations in the Basso models. They are always seeking to improve, to enhance, to broaden what a bike can do in terms of a riders performance. Basso challenges conventional practices and develops new ones, to make precise frames to better the riding experience.

Basso celebrates detail that, while small, alter the pleasure of riding. Take for instance the Italian flag visible at the turn of a steerer, or the comfort kit providing aero advantage whilst giving a minimal appearance so attractive of a slammed stem.

Nothing is coincidence. Basso expresses a timeless beauty; destined to age gracefully and turn heads for years to come. Performance and craftsmanship never go out of style.

Frame Materials



  • Diamante SV
  • Diamante
  • Astra
  • Venta
  • Palta
  • Fastcross
  • Kono

Chainsmith Verdict

Whether you’re racing or riding weekends with friends, a Basso will perfectly complement your priorities. The objective of each Basso model is clearly defined which makes choosing quite simple. Diamante is for rides focused on speed, Astra for longer endurance performance, and Venta for those wishing to enter the Basso market but not compromise on the performance benefits good design and handmade carbon frames provide.

Are you interested in getting a factory frame, custom built Basso bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to decide on a factory frame built with our selection of components, to ensure you are buying a road bike that delivers to your riding goals and aspirations. Or contact us here.

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