Passoni Bikes

With traditionalist materials the customisable bike Brand, Passoni, expresses 21st expectations. Titanium is their leading choice of frame material and while the Peloton thrive on carbon, Passoni boldly claim to hand produce the finest models worthy of Pro Peloton Competition.

Passoni has a frame for everyone, yet only the selective rider will be privileged to own one. The incredible attention to unique details of every custom frame provides an impeccably tailored bicycle exactly replicating every need of its similarly particular rider.

A Passoni is not for riders wishing to boast about their latest conquest of a Tarmac. Passoni reflects a rider appreciative of longevity, incredible quality and finish. Riding a Passoni is considered a privilege that few will achieve.

100% made in Italy Passoni frames are made to measure with custom rider specific geometry.

Frame Materials

Titanium, Carbon, Stainless Steel


  • Titanio Classica
  • Titanio
  • Titanio Disco
  • XXTi
  • XXTi Disco
  • Fidia
  • Inossidabile
  • Cicloprato
  • TP29

Chainsmith Verdict

A true loyalist to Italian style and perfromance, the owner of a Passoni will forever enjoy the mastery of artisans focused on timeless beauty and the perfect ride feel. Passoni brand is not for riders buying for budget. Clearly Passoni ownership is of a class of its own. Everything that surrounds this brand is executed with precision and style. The ride however is not compromised by the brands high end status. Ownership privelige aside, the feel of a Passoni attracts considerable attention. Even the greats of pro cycling, like Filippo Pozzato, dropped the generic bike brands for his hand crafted and customised Passoni VINCI 30th Anniversary road bike.

Are you interested in getting a custom built Passoni bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to build a bike made to measure, hand crafted to accommodate your physical and cycling goals, designed with your ride experience in mind. Or contact us here.

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