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Now also available in clear, these lense clips are both minimal yet practical.

To enjoy the most out of your glasses Alba developed an Optical Clip designed to be fitted with ophthalmic lenses by your trusted optician.  An integral part of our collection, the Optical Clip is an ideal alternative for those who are accustomed to using contact lenses during sports but suffer from eye irritation.

The removable Optical Clip is equipped with two rubber discs that maintain a secure bond to the VZUM™ lens without causing damage. Compatible with the models DELTA and STRATOS.

Alba present 100% handmade in Italy glasses.

What you get?

You will receive a box containing a pair of optical lenses, a nose piece along with a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Glasses can be purchased separately.

The two small rubber lens pads are the only point of contact between the clip and lens, protecting the surface of the lens from scratches and keeping the clip firmly in place.


The Optical Clip is compatible with all of Alba Sports models, the DELTA, the STRATOS and the STRATOS ALPINO. Designed to be mounted internally on the nose pad.


The packaging includes a microfiber pouch to store the clip when not in use, a spacer nosepad, warranty and stickers.

Useful for the correction of Myopia and Hyperopia associated with Astigmatism, we recommend use up to +/- 4 Cyl.2 diopters. For greater values, consult your optician.
Prescription lens not included.

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