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Inspired by models from the 80’s and 90’s. A timeless classic.


Frame: FCS
Photochromatic lens. Guarantees excellent visibility and protection, both in poor and intense light conditions.
Gray tint.
CAT 1÷3

The DELTA glasses.
Inspired by models from the 80’s and 90’s.
A timeless classic.

DELTA glasses are inspired by models from the 80’s and 90’s.
Laurent Fignon, The Professor, wins the Giro d’Italia in 1989 only a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Computers make their way into homes and offices. Gianni Bugno makes people dream. Miguel Indurain becomes the last of the biggest champions. It is the beginning for a Russian, Berzin, and the only time for the pirate, Pantani, who is responsible for a rebirth in the passion for Italian cycling.

The material of the frames is Tr90, made from nylon and carbon fiber, organically compatible and safe to the skin, even after a prolonged use. It is 20% lighter that other conventional materials and it offers more protection against crashes and tractions. It provides a high resilience without deformation when exposed to high temperatures, after being bent, it reverts to its original shape.

The glasses wearability allows a perfect vision when shifting your eyes from the pedals to the road. This particular aspect enables the athlete to stay focused on his performance without interferences.  The temples are strong and guarantee to stay put even in case of shocks or sudden head movements.


  • Ventilated VZUM™ lens to help prevent fog - The horizontal slots in the lens allows optimal ventilation of the upper internal space, helping to eliminate condensation and fogging.
  • Interchangeable VZUM™ lens - The interchangeable lens fits perfectly to the flexible frame while maintaining aesthetic detail. You can create hundreds of combos.
  • Compatible with the Optical Clip
  • Ergonomic temple tips - The end of the temple arms are tapered and flexible. Thanks to their arched shape they ensure a perfect fit and won’t move out of place.
  • Lighter Tr90 frame
  • Frame weight: 10 gr
  • Lens weight: 16 gr
  • Asian fit available
  • Handmade in Italy

Size Guide

A – 146 / B – 32 / C – 60 / D – 120
(size in mm)



Light is a fundamental component that determines of all our choices. VZUM™ lenses have only one objective: to provide athletes with the maximum visual experience in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain. The range of colours carefully developed by ALBA Optics aims to enhance colour saturation and balance visual contrasts, thus increasing the perception of sharpness and details.

The material of which VZUM™ lenses are composed of is a durable ultra-light polycarbonate. This offers fundamental protection to avoid straining eyes and the lenses maintain these characteristics for the total cycle of use. Thanks to this versatility, VZUM™ lenses offer the best sports experience ever.

What’s in the box

Your pair of DELTA will be delivered in elegant and sturdy packaging, made from heavy black cardboard FSC certified.


You will receive a box containing:

  • your pair of glasses

  • reflective black leash

  • a microfiber pouch and cloth

  • certificate of authenticity & originality

  • CE / CCUK guaranteed 




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