What's included in a bike service?

What's included in a bike service?

Bike Servicing : What we do


Its easy to think every bike shop is the same when it comes to servicing your bike. But bike shops are much like other specialised professions. You wouldn’t go to a beachwear store to buy a suit would you? Then why have your high end road bike serviced by a store focused on MTB or commuters?



For example, the next closest bike shop from us is an e-bike rental and purchase shop on Cleveland St called Move Bikes. Then there’s Lekker. They present Dutch commuter bikes to our community. Meanwhile, Wooly’s Wheels up on Oxford St sells Giant and Specialized bikes and includes a comprehensive kids range. While they’ve road bikes, the stock and services vary greatly to our highly customised road bikes and components.


In much the same way a tailor makes garments for specific clients, you’d rightly expect the staff of each of these stores to have a different outlook. Its one that differs from the personalised and distinct services our Team provides road riders.


When you book your road bike online with Chainsmith you’ll expect to be back on the road efficiently with the bike running smooth and safely. That’s why our services attract a distinct high-end rider who maintains their bikes with utmost attention.


Our mechanics are experts in customised road bikes and have a penchant for Campagnolo. We know its hard to find Campy experts. While our workshop navigates Shimano and SRAM with certified ease and years of experience, our commitment is to Italian heritage and quality. In fact, when it comes to looking after your bike, our expertise is unparalleled.


Differences beyond our knowledge and skillset :


  • You’ve access to an online booking system
  • You can expect to pick up your road bike within only 8 hours after the drop off time
  • The transparency of the initial assessment of your bike will inform you of what to expect in terms of the service and the charges.
  • If there are changes after we pout your bike on the rack you’ll be notified and provided options.
  • You’ll be welcome to drop by anytime after your service to let us assess how your bike is going.


We are all riders. Ultimately we share the same motivation. You want to ride confidently and competently without anything holding you back. We get it. So your bike is test ridden and you can rest assured its treated in our workshop with exactly the same care and attention as we treat our own.


Bike shops are not the same. And you should always expect the absolute best when it comes to looking after the machine you depend on.


If you’re considering a service, have a look at our available bookings.

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