What bike service do I need?

What bike service do I need?

Bike types and different servicing 

Unless its your big department style bike shop like 99 bikes or even bikebug, the benefits of a small retail bike shop is their specialised focus. That means they put their energy and resources into very specific training, staff and experience. As a particular rider, it means you should expect excellent service for your bike from experts. 

For example, Chainsmith specialise in road bikes, and not simply any road bike. We’ve worked our way through the very best bike brands this age has seen. We may love custom frame sets and building bikes from scratch, but we’ve serviced literally thousands of models that are notably raced in tours.

 What is a road bike?

A common assumption we encounter is that a bike ridden on the road is a "road bike". But when it comes to understanding which service you want to book, you'll be best equipped with the knowledge that a road bike has differences to a commuter flat bar.

Road bikes, also called race bikes, can be identified by their rolled handlebars. Its the easiest way to explain the difference between it and other bikes (hybrid, commuter, bmx or mtb).

Road bike handlebar


Of course a rolled handlebar can also be installed on track bikes, single speeds, gravel or CX or Touring bikes. So next we identify how many gears it has. If its a single speed or fixed, we classify it in the commuter pricing. More than one speed on your bike? Then we classify it as a road bike.

What is a Commuter / Hybrid 

If you have a flat handlebar or straight handlebar bike with gears then we identify that as a commuter. That means it has a separate price for servicing. Why? Because the bikes are less likely to require specialised knowledge, tools or time in comparison to the road bike services. This is not always the case, but often the case.


So, as you book a bike service you'll first need to understand if you have a road bike, or a commuter.


Next you’ll want to consider what sort of service? Strip and Rebuild, Premium or General.


Strip and Rebuild 

Includes: Every component is detailed and reinstalled during a Strip and Rebuild that requires up to 8 hours to complete.

Details : After removing the components from the frame, each part is thoroughly checked, cleaned, replaced or repaired, lubed and reinstalled. The frame is cleaned and polishing protection is applied.

Expect : Annually adding a strip and rebuild will increase the longevity of parts. Any irregularities in parts or the frame will be found during a strip and rebuild. The detailing will magnify the precision of every component so that each works in unison and enhances the overall function of a bike. The end result is that you ride a dependable bike; smooth shifting, less fatigue and reduced rider exertion.

Suitable for: A strip and rebuild is for the discerning cyclist who aims to maintain their bike to the very best standards. It also may attract a rider who frequently rides and tends to wear through components, bearings, cables, chains more than most. A strip and rebuild is appropriate for either of these clients as an annual service.

Strip and Rebuild 410$


Premium Service and Clean

Includes : A premium service of the bike plus complete clean.

Details : Includes a full frame clean, polish and surface protection. Involves more than the general service as it involves removing parts for the complete drive train bottom bracket, headset, hub servicing, clean and grease/lube.

Expect : You’ll expect your bike to sparkle and noticeably ride smooth and efficiently. Advice is provided on how to maintain or increase the performance of your bike.

Suitable for : A premium service suits a rider particular about maintenance of their bikes or a rider who races and depends on mechanical perfection. Premium also suits riders spending hours a week on the bike and requires a deeper clean that can’t be completed at home. We’d recommend this as an annual service.

*Please note that components and installation is excluded

Premium for Road Bikes 210$

Premium for Commuter 170$


The General Service 

Includes : During a general service of your bike we tend to the gearing, brakes and wheels. A safety check is performed to ensure all nuts and bolts are tight and the frame wiped.

Details : Includes wipe and check of the frame. We assess all parts and provide recommendations on components wear and tear, or repair options. The chain is lubed, tyres and cables inspected, seat and bars adjusted. Safety check approval included. Recommendations are based on the use of the bike and how frequently it is ridden. The service will include basic tuning, but excludes cleaning.

Expect : Providing a general service will maintain longevity of parts while giving assurance the bike is in functional working order. You will expect the bike to run more smoothly.

Suitable for : The general service is a budget option, or option for riders requiring basic service attention. We recommend this option for riders using their bikes semi-regularly (1-2 days a week), or who’ve stored their bikes and wanting to ride after a prolonged period of months or years.

*Please note that components and installation is excluded

General Service for Road Bikes 140$

General Service for Commuters 110$

The Importance of Servicing

We consider servicing a very important part of bike ownership. Not only will it maintain the longevity of your frame and components, it’ll make cycling easier (that means faster and smoother), as well as increase your safety and confidence on the bike. If you feel differences in your gears, brakes or in the steering these are signs that a service is due. You are always welcome to stop by and ask us to assess and quote the bike service as a complementary service.


To book a bike service we've made it convenient with online booking.

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