Interview with cyclist Bev Shroot

Interview with cyclist Bev Shroot

Some call it charisma, others call it charm. Call it what you will, our local Scottish cycling lass Bev Shroot is loaded with it. If the lilt of her accent fails to draw you in, you won't resist the smile or quick humour. And its this upbeat personality that's making a mark on Sydney.


For 6 months Bev's taught dozens of students to ride in bunches. This is no simple feat when you meet the various personalities on her course, from CEO's, retired teachers, students, designers and even a teenage female rider who has since made a strong debut into the world of racing.

The secret to her success? Bev's Beginner Bunch Riding Course enhances confidence and a strong sense of belonging.

Obviously learning the intricacies of cycling with others is important, as is knowing your gears. But what Bev's students ride away with is a sense of pride both on and off the bike.

For Bev, anyone can learn to ride. But riding with confidence is the most valuable lesson learnt.

For regular Sydney riders, confidence and pride can be seen in how they ride and even what they wear. And on this last point, who can argue when we spend the hours and kilometres each week on the bike. Would you go to dinner with friends in worn and weathered clothes with patterns unsuitable for your body shape or style? Then why would cyclists?

So, I recently asked Bev to chat about cycling kit. What does Bev wear, and why...


"I am loving the Ultralight Grid Dot Jersey by Velocio... mainly because of the coolness it gives me on particularly humid days. Perfect for a wee Scottish gal surviving the Sydney summer. Plus, it looks very streamlined and smart and is really comfortable."

"I like putting outfits together to ride in because, as daft as it sounds, I think that if I look better on the bike then I ride better too.
I am a massive fan of the Velocio Signature Bibshorts. Main reason is the signature fly which quite frankly is a simple stroke of genius from Velocio."
"Useful in Summer. Priceless in Winter. They also fit beautifully. The crossover straps are comfortable across my back and there is no digging on my shoulders (which I used to get with other bibs)"
Aesthetics aside, while apparel doesn't make you faster, a comfortable purpose-designed kit shouldn't be underestimated. When cycling in extreme conditions or over unforgiving terrain, a kit can make or break you.
Having ridden in various Countries throughout the seasons Bev is someone who can attest to what does or doesn't make good kit. And with Velocio, it seems all Bev's bases are covered.
Thanks to Bev Shroot for the chat!
For more information about the upcoming Beginner Bunch Rides, make sure you contact us.
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