Chainsmith Rides Newsletter #3 September 2020

Chainsmith Rides Newsletter #3 September 2020

August has flown by us with the arrival of warmer weather and a building excitement during late night TDF spectating. Talking of which ... the pressure is palpable, especially with past months of enforced isolation. We can't think of a more exciting time to be watching the Pro Riders competing nail and tooth. Each stage is a battle ground. Regardless of how flat and straight the route may be, the riders perfectly exemplify the insatiable hunger for the yellow jersey.

Having watched the raw competition between Elisa Longo Borghini and Annemiek van Vleuten during the recent Women's European Championship, we highly recommend spending 5 minutes to experience the Eurosport replay finale. It's a battle destined to influence training for the upcoming Giro. If Amanda Spratt’s recent comments ring true, watching the tactics of the Giro d'Italia Internazionale Femminile (11-19 Sept), is a must for anyone serious about road racing.

As one male commentator remarks, 'Screw men's racing. it seems women's racing is so much more dynamic'

fundamental cyclist how to bunch ride

For local news... You couldn't miss the increased interest in cycling lately. More riders, more pop up bike lanes and less bikes immediately available at your LBS.

We've met so many new road riders wanting to start bunch riding that Ali and Kristy Scrymgeour revamped a course (The Fundamental Cyclists) to teach bunch riders skills. Its been a total blast and we can't wait before our Monday ride leaders Ben and Duane take a dozen keen cyclists for an initial shop ride very very soon.

Talking of which, don't forget to sign up to our Strava Chainsmith Group if you haven't already. Everyone is welcome.

And if you know anyone who wants to tack on to the next "Learn to Bunch Ride" Course? contact us at

orbea deda elementi vinci bar and stem australia

Upgrade for August

Have you ever seen a cleaner looking cockpit? We received the awaited Vinci Handle Bar and Stem by Deda Elementi. Fully integrated cables provided by this stylish combination creates a seamless minimal appeal.

The result on our customers Orbea Orca is, you'll agree, a striking blend of power and elegance.

Get a detailed look at the streamlined design of this latest innovation from Italian Company Deda Elementi on our Chainsmith Instagram account here.

But hold on to your cycling caps. We're not sure how, but we've found something just as exciting ... 

Bike of the Month - Carbon Steel Custom Frame by Cicli Barco

cicli barco custom bike review

If you haven't seen the Stainless Steel Carbon Frame at Chainsmith you are missing out. This is one serious handmade machine and every time its ridden without doubt gets questions about how remarkable it is.

Last newsletter we bought you a review of a steel Barco. And this month we're doubling up on this custom hand built, custom painted frameset created for an incredibly lucky customer. The latest Cicli Barco is inspired by more contemporary carbon but with an added twist in traditional steel.

Of course, we shared images of the 'before and after' transformation on our Instagram account. But you can enjoy further divine images of this masterpiece throughout the latest Cicli Barco review that takes on this carbon steel phenomena.

 Spotlight Review - Wilier Triestina Jena Gravel Bike,

by Ben Blackshaw

Reviewing the Wilier Triestina Jena Gravel Bike

Of course, anyone residing in the City boasts about the accessible life and culture. But we know, at the back of their minds, the call of the Country is strong. So much so many friends are buying getaway retreats and, especially in light of the isolation, taking their bikes off road. Gravel has seen an explosion.

In response to this we've added a featured review of Wilier triestina's Jena. For those who visit us in store, you know this bike has taken many a customer and staff member across some rugged terrain.

But no-one knows it better than Ben Blackshaw who, inspired that Wilier have continued producing this incredible frame set through 2021, has revamped a review of the Jena.

While no bike can cast a net wide enough to suit every cycling aspiration, with a few additional upgrades the Jena can certainly come close.

Read about where Ben has taken her and how she performed in an Australian context. And if you are yet to understand what the fuss of gravel is about... you'll likely know by the end of his review.

We're updating our reviews weekly, with many bikes and products heading our way direct from Italy. Till then, happy riding!

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