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Welcome to the first edition of the Chainsmith Rides Newsletter!

Likely you've noticed a growing number of cyclists lately. We genuinely feel excited to welcome new riders to our community. While some have been out on the Roads, many are still doing rounds of the Park. If thats you, we're hoping to lure you to more adventurous paths.

So the question is, when are Chainsmith shop rides commencing? The start of July! Read on ...


shop ride sydney with chainsmith

Bunch Riding

We love riding. Its the best way to get fit, meet friends and accomplish personal goals. Thats why supported shop rides are once again commencing.

We'll begin Monday Recovery Ride July 6 6am, leaving from the shop to La Perouse.

Anyone with a road bike, cleats, and a passion for cycling is welcome.

Any questions? Please contact Ben from Chainsmith. We've a Strava Chainsmith Club so you can keep up to date and fire any enquiries.

Strava will be a stable way to communicate upcoming events, weekends away or regular ride news. 

morning cycling bunch ride sydney

Introducing our Ride Leader : Ben Blackshaw

  ben blackshaw cycling ultra marathon runner

You may know Ben from the Workshop at Chainsmith. He's an incredible sportsman with 8 years experience as a Personal Trainer.

Send Ben any questions about rides on Strava. 

We've also a new program for riders wanting to learn to bunch ride. We'll update this news next issue.



If you're on the social medias (we know you are!), you'll notice those riders travelling out of Town and onto the trails. What's this appeal towards gravel? We spill the beans ...

At Chainsmith we each started road riding years ago. There's been plenty of time to reflect and understand why we ride. While I can't speak for the boys, riding for me is all about challenges.

Road riding is a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy the feel of the road passing by. No matter how professional you are, most rides are experienced with a hint of danger. It can be as simple as avoiding a pothole at the last minute, or having to react quickly to stop at a red. Its rare to ride without the blood pumping at some point.

When it comes to challenges added with that tinge of adrenalin, gravel riding pretty well presents it all on a platter.

Alison McGregor

The terrain is varied and things can change so rapidly you need a good dose of bike handling skills, fitness and a love for excitement. A great sense of humour definitely helps.

With no need to think about cars, you can focus on your environment. You pass the most amazing things, and the saddest. Ive just come back from a ride where dead trees littered mountains as far as the eye could reach. But as I rode closer I saw bunches of green poking from black stumps and seared landscape.

I've appreciated the Australian landscape and her inhabitants far more since gravel riding. You need to be prepared. If you get lost, (and at times we have), you have to keep your head straight. For me gravel riding produces a mad mix of emotions from being elated to feeling gutted, getting really frustrated to feeling on top of the world and totally inspired. And when you feel all those things in the course of a few hours, you don't need to apologise for it.

Alison McGregor

Lastly, How to Stay Motivated During Winter

Velocio australia

5 Top Tips for Staying in the Saddle

  1. Find a dependable riding buddy and stay accountable.
  2. Plan the ride the day before. Commit, share with your ride buddy and set the alarm
  3. Lay out the kit ... just like the night before school, have the kit ready and allow no excuses.
  4. Invest in warm essentials. With booties, gloves, and a good jacket, you'll enjoy the ride and never regret the initial expense
  5. Make a goal. An event, ride, getaway or even a new bike. Building towards a goal that excites. Building towards a goal that excites you will definitely help raise the training bar.

For Winter Gear options at Chainsmith feel free to browse just some of our Winter Warmers collection here

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