Cycling Essentials : Ensure your Fit with Custom Bikes

Cycling Essentials : Ensure your Fit with Custom Bikes

Investing in long term health : Why Buy a Custom Bike

Maintaining health becomes more important as we age. Thankfully, it's never been easier to join sporting activities. In the last few years access to a huge array of classes, training programs and group memberships has grown. For those of us over 40, there can be dire drawbacks to rapidly increasing our physical activity. We all know a friend suffering a sports related injury. In cycling, using the wrong type or sized equipment is a costly error. In-fact over 80% of new clients looking for a bike do so because they suffer discomfort. And of those, only a handful claim pain from a fall. How exactly can we avoid problems when it comes to discomfort on the bike?

When you're looking for a new bike, we often focus on reviews and making sure we buy the best components we can. Unfortunately riders pay more attention to professional components than professional advice when it comes to bike fit and sizing. Repetitive strain or longterm ache and pains is more than often caused by riding the wrong bike, incorrect bike size and/or components.

Instead we approach buying a bike differently. Rather than look at what our money can buy, we look at you and your riding needs which includes assessing your ideal ride position. How do we do this? Bike-fit before you buy is the best solution to avoid the most common riding issues like foot burn, hand numbness, aching shoulders and neck or back.

how to buy the perfect bike

Buying the wrong bike and then contorting yourself to get comfortable isn't the smartest way to buy a bike, but it is the most typicalOur IdMatch bike fit Lab commonly assesses pains in knees, back or even hands. When it comes to incorrect bike or sizes, the only way to correct riders position is to adapt the bike, change parts to make it fit. This is costly not just for fitting but for the frequent visits riders make to medical specialists.

Bike fitting growth as a profession is proof that even with the abundant available information on buying bikes, it takes time to research with no promise you'll get it right. It also shows the limitations when it comes to bike sizes. Company's that produce frames through mouldsdo so with minimal generic sizings. These sizings, whether they be XS through to XXL, or 46 through to 61, work on the principle of averages. But we've found few bodies that work by laws of average. In fact, by the age of 40 our bodies have formed different ride positions due to developed limitations on our flexibility and range of movement. While we are asked to use a bunch of stationary recordings of our body measurements, once we get on the bike and assume our postural ride position these averages can be in effect useless.

It goes without saying that buying a bike remains a difficult job to navigate even with all the reviews dedicated to promoting the best bikes and systems of measuring your most probable size. Thats why we suggest asking professionals who's best interest is to ensure your ride performance is backed by enduring physical comfort and power efficiency.

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There are ways to eliminate risk of investment and achieve owning a bike built for longevity by frame builders such as DeAnima, Titici, Chesini or Cicli Barco. These frame builders use experience to focus on your specific measurements and ride purpose and ensure the frame geometry is made specific to you alone.

Chesini Steel custom bikes Sydney

Custom bikes are the heart of Italy's cycling history. A long illustrious career involving frame builders and manufacturers leaves the creation of your bike in expert hands. At Chainsmith we place trust in several renowned Italian builders. The builder Chesini are experts in titanium, steel and stainless steel, as the chosen material to engineer bicycles. When you enter ownership of a Chesini you buy for quality and precision, longevity and craftmanship as well as refined aesthetic.

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Chesini Retailers are hard to come by. They're entrusted to provide accurate, professional, expert knowledge. If you are looking to invest in custom, we recommend contacting experienced Custom Bike Retailers trusted by their reputable building partners. Why? Because when it comes to understanding why custom is the best option to invest, experience in all aspects of the custom process will ensure the longevity of a bike fit for your future riding goals.

For more information on Chesini, or any of our custom frame builders you are welcome to complete "Your Best Bike" Form. Let us do the work to provide a solution for your cycling future.

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