Cycling Essentials : Ensure your Fit with Custom Bikes

Cycling Essentials : Ensure your Fit with Custom Bikes

Investing in long term health : Passoni Titanium Custom Bikes

Wherever you are in the world maintaining your health has no doubt made an impact in your lifestyle. From joining online yoga, to weight training or using a bike trainer, bettering our physical selves is the upside to the Covid crisis. Yet the increase in activity has also set a new trend involving sports related injuries. Overtraining, the inability to access qualified trainers or using the wrong equipment has halted the sporting endeavours for many. Luckily there are ways to prevent costly visits to sports physicians when it comes to cycling in particular.

Buying a bike can be fraught with risks when it comes to getting the right model and size of frame. The common reason for cycling injuries we see isn't caused by falling, its repetitive strain caused by buying the wrong bike, bike size and/or components.

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Our IdMatch bike fit Lab commonly assesses knee pain, back soreness and numbness in the hands that can be corrected by adapting the bike and changing parts. But buying the wrong bike and then contorting yourself to get comfortable isn't the best solution. Bike fitting growth as a profession is proof that even with the abundant available information on buying bikes, it takes time to research with no promise you'll get it right. And even with all the reviews, magazines dedicated to promoting the best bikes as well as advice taken from bike forums, buying a bike remains a difficult job to navigate. How can we minimise or even eliminate a wrong purchase?

Thankfully you can put aside the research and reduce the risk of investment by getting a forever bike built by frame builders like Passoni. They craft frames according to your specific measurements thus ensuring the geometry is made for you alone.

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Custom bikes are the heart of Italy's cycling history. A long illustrious career involving frame builders and manufacturers leaves the creation of your bike in expert hands. At Chainsmith we place trust in several renowned Italian builders. The exclusive brand Passoni use titanium as the chosen material to craft its bicycles. When you enter ownership of a Passoni you are buying for quality and precision, longevity and craftmanship as well as refined aesthetic.

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Passoni Dealers are hard to come by. Often exclusive to the Country they're located, Dealers are selected by Passoni because they're entrusted to provide accurate, professional, expert knowledge. We recommend contacting a Passoni Dealer to understand why custom is the best option when investing in your longterm health and riding goals.

 For more information on Passoni, or any of our custom frame builders you are welcome to complete "Your Best Bike" Form. Let us do the work to provide a solution for your cycling future.

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