Crafting Individuality: Reviewing Custom Stainless Steel Chesini Road Bike at Chainsmith

Crafting Individuality: Reviewing Custom Stainless Steel Chesini Road Bike at Chainsmith

In the dynamic pursuit of adventure, where every ride unfolds a unique story, the bike becomes more than a vehicle, it becomes a statement. Such is the tale of George Galvin, a dedicated cycling enthusiast. George’s quest for a custom bike unfolded into an extraordinary experience and tailored masterpiece from Chainsmith. As we delve into his story, we'll uncover the distinctive elements that set custom bikes like the Chesini apart and explore why Chainsmith stands as a beacon for bespoke cycling experiences.

chesini stainless steel custom bike australia

Crafting Individuality: A Personal Odyssey

In the pursuit of standing out, George embarked on a journey for a bike that surpassed the ordinary. As a seasoned cyclist, it dawned on George that his trusty old bike, though reliable, lacked the personalised touch he sought. Moreover, his bike failed to personify any uniqueness with which George so highly valued. The turning point arrived during a IdMatch bike fitting session with David at Chainsmith, where the focus shifted from fitting the bike to fitting George perfectly onto his machine.

"The bike fitting was a turning point. David was fantastic in getting me more on the old bike properly. It was my conversation with you that changed my focus,”George reflects, revealing the transformative effect of personalized attention. Not only that but as George reminds us, his intent when visting us for his bikefit, was to purchase a “a titanium bike from within Australia... That's when you said it wasn't Italian. And might not be of the same quality of an Osvaldo's frame.”

Beyond Boundaries: The Art of Choosing and Riding

The exploration continued as George delved into uncharted territories, seeking not just a bike but a symbiotic relationship. Chainsmith's commitment to pushing boundaries shone through as they sought unique components like the Classified hub to satisfy George’s priorities. Unable to find a supplier of Classified in Australia the collaboration between Chainsmith and Classified was born and expanded the realm of possibilities for future custom clients. In fact, co founder Alison has installed sets to both her gravel and road bikes since. You can read her review Unleashing the Unseen Power: Classified Wheels Redefine Performance. Showcasing a dedication to innovation rather than popular product is rare in the cycling industry.

Classified wheel on stainless steel frameClassified Wheels: A rare sight in Australia, has been recently reviewed here.

On that note, George shares, ”I couldn't find anyone else who was prepared to look outside the box.” ... Until he came to visit Chainsmith.

Custom Paint: Art in the making

The meticulous process of choosing the colour scheme became an art form, reflecting the significance of each detail. "Having input into the scheme was fantastic, and the ideas from David and Osvaldo (Chesini owner) really opened up my eyes. The colour scheme is nothing like I originally thought," he enthuses, illustrating the importance of collaborative creativity.

custom paint bike frame blue

Custom paintwork chesini steel frame

Choices provided to George with assistance from Chainsmith and Chesini

“Both Trudi (George’s partner), and I were blown away with the bike. The colour was stunning in real life. Understated. Which suits me fine. It takes someone who knows bikes to realise what they are looking at” George recounts.

Stainless steel bike frame ordered in Australia

Customising the bike includes meticulously matching high quality branded components, such as Deda Elementi, Classified and Alpitude.

Stainless Steel Symphony: A Dance of Comfort and Performance

For George, the experience of riding his custom stainless steel bike, affectionately named Chelsea, transcends the ordinary. “Since riding Chelsea, I am thrilled with my descending. Faster, safer. I'm keen to climb again just to enjoy coming down... Chelsea is stable and solid when riding hard. My confidence in cornering has gone through the roof,” states George who, by now, has made Macquarie Pass his playground.

“I am thrilled with my descending. Faster, safer. I'm keen to climb again just to enjoy coming down”

Drawing a parallel with his equestrian past, where the connection between rider and horse is paramount, he notes, "The bike feels as an extension of me, not me being an addition to it." The comfort for long rides, responsiveness when needed, and the relaxing demeanor on extended journeys showcase the versatility of stainless steel, proving that it's not just about aesthetics but also about a dynamic and responsive ride.

"The stainless steel is both responsive when needed and relaxing on a long day's ride," George highlights, emphasising the versatility of the chosen material.

chesini stainless steel road bike

The Classified Wheels, Deda bar, Sram Red, and Pirelli tubeless tires—all meticulously selected components by Chainsmith—have collectively elevated George’s riding experience.

"I would never go back to two chainrings after using the Classified Wheels. Secure and solid on the road with no chain drop. Too good," he praises, underscoring the positive impact of the chosen components.

Unlocking Your Custom Journey with Chainsmith

For Australian road and gravel cyclists seeking a transformative riding experience, the allure of Chainsmith's custom stainless steel bikes beckons. As George’s stainless steel dreams of conquering Audax rides and the Paris/Brest journey with Chelsea, the question arises: Where will your custom bike take you?

"In the future, I'm looking at Audax rides with a goal to do the Paris/Brest ride," George shares, inviting readers to dream big and set audacious cycling goals.

chesini custom bikes

The Process: Owning your own Custom Bike

Are you curious to learn what custom bike suits you? Is it time to embark on your own personalised cycling odyssey? Chainsmith is here to help discover the unmatched thrill of riding a bike crafted to your specifications and preferences. Chainsmith invites you to begin your custom journey today by filling out our "Best Bike Form."

"The whole experience of creating a bike that looks and rides better than you thought is brilliant,”George enthuses, inviting fellow cyclists to embark on their own journey of bike customisation.

As the open road awaits, take the first step towards a cycling experience like no other. Your journey begins with Chainsmith—where passion meets craftsmanship, and the road becomes a canvas for your tailored bike masterpiece.


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