3T Crafting Dreams in Carbon: Italian-Made, Art of Filament Winding

3T Crafting Dreams in Carbon: Italian-Made, Art of Filament Winding

Introduction: Redefining Excellence in Cycling Craftsmanship

As the cycling world increasingly embraces the revolution of custom, personalised bikes, 3T the renowned Italian bike brand, has set a new standard with its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. In a bold move, 3T has brought back the manufacturing of their carbon fiber gravel and road frames to the heart of Italy, aligning with their heritage and pushing the boundaries of technology.

filament winding carbon tubes

The Marvel of Filament Winding: Crafting Dreams in Carbon

Since 2021, 3T has been producing the top-tier Exploro RaceMax gravel bike at their headquarters in Italy. What sets this masterpiece apart is the implementation of a unique automated filament winding manufacturing technology. This method involves the creation of dry carbon tubes through filament winding and the completion of the frame using resin transfer molding, all meticulously carried out in-house. The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary—a superlight and stiff frame proudly made in Italy, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. What’s more, prices for these Italian made performance bikes will surprise you.  For $11100 Aud you’ll be able to ride away on a complete Extrema Italia built with Rival/GX EAGLE AXS 1X12 w Carbon Wheels. Available for $11950 Aud, is the race ready Strada Italia complete with Rival AXS 2X12 w Carbon wheels. Upgrades of course will increase pricing, but against competitive saturated brands you’ll find the Italia range very attractive for its performance and price.


3T Racemax carbbon made in italy

The RaceMax Italia framesets, born from years of refinement in frame production, have been distributed to sponsored riders and premium Experience Center bike shops, such as Chainsmith in Sydney. What's truly captivating is the decision to showcase these framesets without the cosmetic UD top layer, exposing the crisscrossing carbon fibers and the intricate construction beneath. in 2023, with the process and finishing perfected, riders had the opportunity to experience the raw beauty of the RaceMax Italia 3X.

Now 3T have refined their range even further introducing the RaceMax Italia. You can choose between 3 different colors inspired by the Italian flag: Green, White, and Red. For an extra personal touch, there is also an “RTP” version that can be personalised as you want.

Additionally, 3T are launching the Project X, a new special edition that is a tribute to the visible carbon layup. All of these frames are prepared for internal cable routing in combination with the More Integrale stem.

The RaceMax Italia can be ordered at Chainsmith complete from $11770.

3t carbon frame manufacture in italy 

“The distinctive pattern formed by the crossing carbon fibers creates a visually striking motif across the entire frame, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind each 3T creation.”

Filament winding carbon fibre tubing

While 3T remains discreet about specific weight savings, the made-in-Italy RaceMax Italia was already known for its lighter build, maintaining the same level of stiffness and strength as the standard RaceMax. The RaceMax Italia 3X took it a step further by eliminating a complete wrap of UD fiber, opting for a UV protective clear coat that preserves the aesthetic appeal while potentially shedding grams. When it comes to exposing filament wound carbon fibre, the distinctive pattern formed by the crossing carbon fibers creates a visually striking motif across the entire frame, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind each 3T creation.

carbon filament winding 3t frame manufacture in italy

For those who seek the extraordinary, the Racemax Italia frames are not for the faint-hearted but exclusively crafted for true cycling enthusiasts. The factory, located in Presezzo, stands as a testament to 3T's dedication to delivering unique dream bikes for riders who demand excellence.

Unlocking Italian Innovation: The Journey to Italian Production

But what prompted 3T to bring back the production of their frames to Italy? In 2015, the brand made a pivotal decision to produce frames in their home country. This choice was driven by a combination of romantic attachment to Italian production, technical considerations such as full process control, organizational benefits like shorter lead times and enhanced flexibility, and commercial advantages in protecting proprietary technology.

carbon filament winding 3t frame manufacture in italy

Crafting Dreams into Reality: The Production Journey

The journey toward Italian production led 3T to carefully select manufacturing technologies. Two key decisions were pivotal in the establishment of their Italian carbon factory:

1. Filament Winding: 3T embraced filament winding over manual layup, allowing for precise control over fiber angles and eliminating limitations associated with traditional methods.

2. Dry Fiber and Resin Injection: By using dry fiber instead of pre-impregnated carbon, 3T gained the flexibility to create more complex parts, integrating different types of fibers and adding reinforcements where needed. The resin injection process offered a faster, more reliable process with superior out-of-mold surface finish.

Revolutionizing Craftsmanship: The Art and Science of Filament Winding

At the core of 3T's commitment to excellence lies the revolutionary process of filament winding, a meticulous technique that has redefined the art of crafting carbon frames. The concept is elegantly simple yet hides a complexity that sets 3T apart in the cycling world. Unlike traditional methods involving sheets of carbon cut into shapes and manually applied, filament winding employs a yarn spun onto a core to create a carbon shape. The brilliance lies in the ability to precisely control fiber angles by adjusting winding speeds, allowing for an unparalleled level of customisation.

carbon filament winding for frame building in Italy

While the theory is straightforward, the practical execution demands an intricate understanding of the interaction between dry fibers and the core. As 3T's fiber remains dry – not yet infused with resin – the challenge lies in ensuring it adheres seamlessly to the core. Filament winding thrives on gentle angles, making it akin to wrapping a string around a stick. To overcome this, 3T invested significant effort in designing and constructing their own filament winding machines, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in fiber placement and cutting.

The result is freedom from limitations in fiber angles, enabling 3T to create almost any layup with a combination of special fiber placement and cutting techniques. This level of precision allows for the production of frames that not only meet but exceed the expectations of cyclists seeking the perfect balance of weight, stiffness, and strength. 

“its a mesmerising pattern that the eye enjoys following across the entire frame.”

The uniqueness of filament winding lies not only in its technical prowess but in the stunning visual display it creates – its a mesmerising pattern on which the eye enjoys travelling across the entire frame. There is artistry and innovation inherent in every 3T creation. Embracing filament winding, 3T continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, delivering not just bikes but true masterpieces for the discerning rider.


carbon filament winding 3t frame in red

The production journey commenced in 2018 with the Torno crank, utilizing resin injection processes similar to those envisioned for frames. The subsequent year saw the development of the Racemax Italia, aiming to produce a lighter frame without compromising stiffness and strength. In 2019, the Racemax Italia went into production, marking a significant milestone in 3T's pursuit of excellence.

carbon filament winding 3t gravel bike racemax frame

As we unveil glimpses of the new Italian 3T factory, it becomes clear that this is more than a manufacturing facility; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation, artistry, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in custom bike craftsmanship.

Elevating the Riding Experience: Chainsmith – Your Gateway to Cycling Excellence

For those eager to embark on their cycling journey with a 3T masterpiece, Chainsmith proudly stands as a chosen retailer for 3T bikes. For inquiries and orders, direct your attention to our store, where you'll find a team passionate about delivering premium cycling experiences to individuals who appreciate the extraordinary. Embrace the future of cycling with 3T, where innovation and artistry converge for an unparalleled riding experience.

The 3T racemax Italia in Australia

Conclusion: Where Innovation Meets Artistry

As we unveil glimpses of the new Italian 3T factory, it becomes clear that this is more than a manufacturing facility; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation, artistry, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in custom bike craftsmanship. 3T proves it’s not just relying on Italian roots to stir the romance of its riders. 3T is elevating their workmanship on a global stage, competing in a market where few Italian bike brands show true commitment.

Take Action: Find Your Ideal Bike Today!

Ready to embark on your cycling journey with a 3T masterpiece? The 3T Strada Italia joins the Extrema and Racemax, sharing the same 100% Italian carbon production technology based on filament winding and RTM. Fill out our "Best Bike Form" today and let our expert team at Chainsmith guide you towards finding the perfect carbon made-in-Italy road or gravel bike that matches your unique riding aspirations and style. Don't settle for ordinary – elevate your riding experience with 3T.

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