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There are several reasons the latest KICKR V5 stands out for Chainsmith. Firstly, our Wahoo models have been reliable, quiet and efficient for years of intense workouts, so we trust the brand. Secondly, we know that the newest model, the v5 has integrated side to side movement. This means you'll be getting a more holistic workout and closer to the real thing. Of course, its not the Wahoo Kickr Smart Bike, but its the closest thing. 

Standout Features :

Motion That Feels Real

The new KICKR AXIS feet let you really sink into your training session. Customizable cushioned feet respond to movements from changes in tempo and body position, mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced when riding outdoors. Precision, Boasting Raw Power Get more accurate results with the serious 2200W resistance capability, now with accuracy as close as +/- 1%. It stands up against the demands of the world’s most powerful cyclists.

The v5 Flagship Trainer

Good enough for Team Sky, (and many others) surely it is good enough for you! The Wahoo KICKR v5 with its high inertia flywheel feels like you would not believe, the near perfect replicate of the course you choose in the comfort of home. Paired with the AXIS Feet, the KICKR v5 blends reality with imagination. Boasting unrivalled connectivity, you have all the software, all the training options you need to get the best performance out of you yet.

A virtually silent design, combined with a large 7.2kg flywheel, makes KICKR v5 the most realistic indoor training experience. KICKR v5 provides vital cycling metrics including speed, distance and power, while the included RPM Cadence Sensor provides cadence data.

The new auto-calibration capability is the icing on the cake, allowing reliable power accuracy all within a +/- 1% error margin. KICKR v5’s heavy-duty frame and components provide best-in-class precision, stability and durability. Out of the box, KICKR v5 features a preinstalled cassette, convenient carrying handle, quick tyre-size height adjustment and new AXIS feet.

Powerful Connectivity

Multiple Bluetooth connections are now supported to ensure a trouble-free start to your workout Virtually Silent Operation The KICKR's still offer ultra-quiet riding and a virtually silent design, combined with a larger flywheel, makes KICKR the most realistic indoor training experience and now has increased 12x142 thru axle compatibility and added 12x148 thru axle compatibility along with larger margins for disc brakes.

Ride Responsiveness and Virtual Training Structured Workouts

The Wahoo KICKR accurately replicates sprints, intervals, and hill climbs whether using the Wahoo Fitness app, Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computers, or 3rd party software. Its proprietary technology allows the KICKR to instantly react to each ascent, descent, or interval, providing you with the most realistic and responsive indoor ride. Now controllable via SUFFERFEST and ELEMNT GPS apps. Using third-party apps, ride KICKR along virtual routes and geo-synced videos to experience the most immersive indoor training experience.


KICKR delivers the accuracy and responsiveness needed to take on the most difficult power-based training sessions.

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