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Sometimes while we want to be our best, we also want to simplify. If you're in the market for a trainer you'll know what we mean. Trainers are the best tools for getting in shape efficiently, and maintaining your mileage even through the cold wet days.

While some trainers will have electronic bells and whistles, there is respect worth awarding the magnetic resistance training models to get the job done. Just hook your bike up and go.

If you've got disk brakes, purchase an additional Adapter Thru Axel with spacers and allow yourself compatible hook up to your 700C wheel. With the adapter, the Minoura B60 isn't limited to road bikes, you can even attach your commuter bike.

Power Unit

Magturbo … World First Magnetic Resistance

  • Standard ferrite magnet
  • Lightweight and adjustable power
  • Generates 425 Watt power at 40 km/h (H range)
  • 0.6 kgs dual steel disc flywheel
  • 3 resistance levels


  • Basic Steel Frame
    • Basic but durable steel construction
    • Lightweight for easy transportation
    • Fits hub width between 125 – 145mm
    • Standard thread type hub clamp
    • 29mm diameter single leg


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