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Do you know someone who rides with underwear beneath their knicks? So ... we've all know how wrong that is. Not just because you can see the seam lines, but mostly because the design of chamois is to wick away sweat and prevent chaffing and saddle sores. Im about to blow this theory away. Because q36.5 makes it ok to wear practical well designed underwear for those that just cant let go.

There are valid reasons for wearing underwear. The best one is during travel when you just cant afford to carry all those bibs and you need to wash between the rides. Chamois can be a misery to wear if theyve not dried properly (which is likely if you can only hand wash). Introducing the concept that a pair of underpants is much easier to clean and dry than your entire knicks. So now I've surely got you thinking!

So here is a pair of awesome pants for the pant lover, which is proved seamless and designed to wick.

A beautifully soft fabric that breathes means theyre perfect on and off the bike all year through.

What a great gift!

Seamless, close-fitting, breathable underpants with great fit. Can be used for other activities such as running, hiking, skiing and kayaking.


  • quick drying
  • elastic
  • slim fit
  • breathable
  • skin-friendly

60% polypropylene, 30% polyamide, 10% elastane

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