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The first three-dimensional SEAMLESS bib shorts for Women

Women, you're in for an incredible performance treat. Why does it seem that men get the best choice in performance enhancing kit, while women get placed on the sidelines or flounce in fashion? The Q36.5 Unique bibs instead push aside a sole fashion focus to instead support your movement on the saddle. Lumbar support, increased circulation, less fatigue and improved movement are just some of the benefits you'll gain from this singular engineering feat.

With the Bib Shorts UNIQUE, Q36.5 is redefining performance cycling wear by introducing the first three-dimensional SEAMLESS bib shorts. The integrated structures are woven without seams in a one-piece garment.

Q36.5 have been experimenting with this idea for the past few years and have finally developed the next level of comfort, a new, true ‘second skin’ sensation, that they called “Peau d’Ange” feeling.

The bib short Salopette UNIQUE is their technological leader made with a three-dimensional construction and without the use of traditional seams. The integrated parts of the short are seamless and no bonding is used. Rather, the innovation has been achieved by employing a jacquard double machine that creates a one-piece garment.


Minimal tubular strap construction! Most breathable straps which dry quickly and offer amazing comfort thanks to the sartorial reverse tubular construction. The seams are hidden inside and thus have no contact with the skin.


Ribbed construction with different densities, conceived to improve ventilation of the abdominal area and reduce heat generation. The result is augmented breathability.


The UNIQUE’S structure is skillfully engineered with various densities of construction and pre-formed for the riding position, creating a “Peau d’Ange” (second skin) Salopette that heightens the Q36.5 ergogenic concept to the ultimate level. Every single area is tuned to support specific muscle groups during physical activity.


The Pattern on the quadriceps has been designed in shifting levels of density, which correspond to different levels of graduated compression, from the greatest at the bottom of the shorts to the least at the top, thus stimulating and enhancing the venous return during pedal action.


The bottom of the Salopette UNIQUE has been cut using laser technology and taped to enhance maximum comfort and aerodynamics.


This area has the greatest woven density and it creates a zone of support for the lumbar and the gluteus musculature. This provides the rider with improved stability, orientation, balance and proprioceptivity in this critical zone in which all the principal muscles used in the pedalling action are connected. Pure silver thread has been introduced in this area, not only for its antibacterial and conductive properties, but also for its electromagnetic field blocking properties, allowing the muscles to work without impediments.


The area in direct contact with the saddle has been reinforced with the introduction of the Cordura® Polyamide that provides more stability on the saddle, prevents loss of power and guarantees durability.


The Salopette UNIQUE Woman uses a female-specific version of the world’s first fusion chamois technology system: this includes both sewn and thermo-moulded padding technologies in a single chamois, fusing the best of both into a single design. 120kg/m³ highest density open cell foam is cut and sewn for the perineal (front) area where the most flexibility and breathability is required, while ‘smooth’ multi-density thermo-moulded pads are used for the ischial (rear) area where flexibility is at less of a premium compared to support and padding. 

Each pad has their distinctive advantages: the sewn pad is more flexible and elastic while the thermo moulded pad is able to use a much denser grade of foam and thus offer more support and padding.

We consider the Techno Fusion Chamois System to be the most outstanding all-round chamois. Every last minute detail of the design is governed by the concentrated focus on support and comfort. The rider will immediately note the distinctively new feeling of substantial support from the chamois.


66% Polyamide 6.6
33% Elastane
1% Silver


165 g.

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