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"The upper closes around your foot to really make the shoe become one with the foot." Micheal. Read our latest review on the Unique Shoe here

Who best suits this shoe? A rider who won't risk performance by compromising comfort.

The first body-mapped cycling shoes for road cycling.All Q36.5 experience and knowledge obtained from Q36.5 in-depth body mapping studies have been garnered to engineer a shoe that offers a novel fit. The UNIQUE Road Shoes™ offer the perfect balance between support, comfort and breathability.

The first body-mapped cycling shoes for road cycling.

The idea of the UNIQUE Shoes was born in the heart of the Dolomites, developed by a network of specialists in the sports shoe field. Q36.5 is lucky to live in a unique area where sports are extremely popular, thus Q36.5 has a rich source of expertise in both design and production of outdoor, mountaineering, climbing, ski, cross-country and trail running sport shoes and booties. Q36.5 has amalgamated all this expertise to help Q36.5 designs a truly unique cycling shoe that compliments Q36.5’s image and Q36.5 extreme vision of cycling.Q36.5 goal is to achieve the best comfort possible for you during your ride. Each of Q36.5 Made in Italy products uses exclusive high quality fabrics. Q36.5 UNIQUE Shoes design and production are the outcome of our continuous innovative research, following sustainable best practices.The outsole is created with a special mix of Full Carbon fiber and a vertebral column geometry (inspired by biomimetic engineering) that optimizes stiffness along the sole thus eliminating any excess material. The upper is a new one-piece construction without the common shoe tongue: it fits you like a sock and is created by using a single piece of microfiber and new proprietary three dimensional fabric.


250 gr. in size 42


Four seasons

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