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This is the kit Chainsmith would recommend to provide you the technological advantage over your nemesis.

Salopette Dottore L1 Navy Blue, Cycling Bib Shorts

Lumbar support to prevent tortional twisting during pedalling, stages of compression to aid in circulation throughout the leg and torso, single tubing to rid the design of the silicon band which can tighten and reduce blood flow, silver thread to regulate body temperature. It is without doubt that Q36.5 Bibshorts feel different and act different.

Q36.5 works at a particular leading edge of innovation: pedaling, watching others pedal, and at the same time aspiring to solve how the experience of high performance cycling will, in the future, “feel different”. And it is to this vision that Q36.5’s new salopette, IL DOTTORE, a fine-tuned and augmented version of the Salopette L1 (Q36.5’s original product and genesis of the brand’s raison d’etre) belongs.

Il Dottore – the name is a reference to both the Salopette L1’s nickname of “the teacher” and to the almost mythological, sometimes notorious, figure of the professional cyclist’s personal doctor – fine-tunes and augments the Salopette L1’s ergogenic philosophy in the following ways to become the definitive all-purpose, all-day, any-day, high performance cycling bib short of the future of competitive cycling.

Chamois powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy. These chamois are specifically designed for road bikes and their saddles so you experience the ultimate fit and maximum protection over medium and long distances. When a road cyclist is in the most aerodynamic position the body is angled at about 27-28° and the points of maximum pressure shift towards the front of the saddle. That’s why Elastic Interface® road pads have high-density foam in these areas that move with you through every pedal stroke, providing pure protection mile after mile.


61% Polyamide 6.6
36% Elastane
2% Silver
1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)


160 g


Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

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