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RAIN PROTECTION Pure and simple

How much time have you wasted looking for the perfect rain protection that doesn't overheat you? Rain jackets, at least the good ones, should last you seasons over. They can be multi-usable as wind shields and light enough to pack comfortably in your back pocket.

Q36.5 ticks all those boxes with their shell protection jacket. We know because we've been testing ours for over 12 months, and they still come up trumps.

While we've tested several brands over, the Q36.5 option is hands down the most versatile. We've tested it in mild weather, in freezing torrential storms, in warmer rainy days, and even stood under the shower in it. Yep. Water tight.

Years of riding taught us you should always take a jacket, and we believe this item is every rider's best friend in case of emergency! 

The shell protection is the lightest (160g), breathable, rain and wind protection to be had in an easy-to-pack jacket.

Q36.5 isn't just aesthetically appealing, its design and fabrics are made by a combination of science and textile design.

Q36.5 collaborates with elite Italian textile partners to develop the most efficient cycling fabrics in the world.

Unlike those who claim "made in Italy", Q36.5 chooses to have all its fabrics developed and manufactured in Italy and the entire Q36.5 collection, which is produced in limited numbers, is also manufactured exclusively in Italy. 100% Italian.

Here's some more high tech information for anyone who needs it ...

The R. Shell Protection is constructed from an essentialist proprietary 3-layer fabric: the outer layer is an extremely compact high-density woven polyamide, while the second layer is an avant-garde porous hydrophobic membrane with very high-breathability (RET value of 5) and 18.000 mm/l waterproof rating.

Every weak point of the traditional rain jacket’s paneling has been aggressively addressed: the collar area is hermetically sealed through a generous ergonomic form and second, internal ‘barber’s’ collar; all seams, which compromise waterproofing, have been moved to the least exposed part of the jacket; wrist cuffs are elasticated for snug fit and easy access to jersey pockets below is guaranteed by two subtle slits in the back.

The R. Shell Protection jacket is in itself a versatile jacket: it is designed to protect the high-intensity rider from sudden flashes of foul weather (for all day foul weather riding please see our R. Jacket Insulation) with the least amount of weight and volume. It does this perfectly. It weighs close to your jersey. You don’t even notice it in your back pocket. You bring it on every ride.

An absolute must in your essential wardrobe.

While we recommend using a size that fits closely we understand some want a looser fit, in which case you're advised to go up a size. We found the sizes very compatible and both our male and female staff members are wearing this item.

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