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Wilier GRANTURISMO SLR arrives in Australia

The Endurance bike we've all been waiting for...


Recently awarded the prestigious Design & Innovation Award - both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry's highest-performing products.
"The result is a contender in our 2023 endurance Bike of the Year category that looks as though it belongs in the pro peloton. However, you certainly don’t need to be a pro rider to enjoy it." Bike Radar
"The Granturismo SLR is a bike with the reach and stack of an endurance bike, but with the characteristics of a competition bike. A concept we really liked..." BiciDaStrada
"A well balanced bike from the front to the rear still featuring the agility that you want from a race bike" Just Ride Bikes
"It feels sporty despite the relaxed geometry, striking a good balance: the name GranTurismo suits it just as well as the Ferrari red paint job." Gran Fondo Magazine
Head to the GranTurismo Review for our thoughts on the design and performance specs.
Here we present a rare but necessary concept for riders who want to mesh comfort with performance. Such a rider is realistic but ambitious, safety conscious yet confident. In short, the GranTurismo is a bike built for the majority. But most aren't ready for the packed performance value. Why? Because bikes are still incorrectly bought for their race ready profile rather than the ideal geometry built for the perfect bike fit experience.   If you want to know more about the trend, we recently wrote an article titled, "Prioritising aerodynamics over comfort: Road Bike performance"
We are extremely proud to build bikes, tailored for riders with personal ideals when it comes to performance, comfort and aesthetics. Thats why we stand by the practical methodology of bike-fit first, which ensures you're best suited with a bike that optimises your ideal ride position. The result? You ride faster, fitter and for longer. The GranTurismo is a bike that promises to deliver for a huge contingency of riders without the flexibility of Peter Segan but equally ambiutious to take on the hills and the long haul rides.
To the technicalities, the stand out feature is the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system seen at the rear of the bike. This is a renewed version of the rear micro-shock absorber developed in 2017 for the Cento10 NDR. it deafens the bumps in the road preventing unneccessary discomforts and fatigue.
A lot has changed compared to the first ACTIFLEX version, shifting the damper mechanism further upward from its original position between the seat stays and the seat tube. The damper itself is now attached directly to the top tube where it meets the seat stays, bypassing the seat tube. The shape and mechanism have been overhauled too. It allows the rear end to move and give way to impacts. Instead of a coil or air spring, it relies on an elastomer that can both stretch and compress. Thanks to its elasticity, it can absorb impacts to a large degree and mitigate their effect on the rider. Thanks to the use of different 3D printed elastomer inserts, the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system can be adjusted to suit different rider weights.
The latest ACTIFLEX 2.0 system relies on four ball-bearings, working together with an elastomer. The aim of the changes is to better protect the ACTIFLEX system from dirt and moisture, improve its serviceability and durability, and increase the bike’s stiffness.
Another calculated design built into the Wilier GranTurismo is the maximum tire clearance, which allows up to 32 mm. The added width allows smoother ride for longer saddle time. The potential to also ride some gravel country roads is certainly looking tempting as we hear, and see, that the 32 may actually be unofficially increased to a 34.
When it comes to the design, Wilier have combined various elements from their fleet. The Wilier patent asymmetric fork and rear end are designed to offer aerodynamic advantages, mirroring the Wilier Zero and Filante. The result is an ideal balance between braking force absorption, distribution, and weight. Talllking of weight, we weighed the granturismo large at 7.7kg. Thats a significant lightweight value for a disc brake endurance bike!

R10 Faded Black, Grey




Granturismo SLR is the racing bike designed to bring out the utmost performance and comfort.


With Granturismo SLR you will be able to travel long distances, minimising postural stress thanks to the special endurance geometries and to the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system, a renewed version of the rear micro-shock absorber developed in 2017 for the Cento10 NDR.



The heart of Granturismo SLR is the Actiflex 2.0 vibration damping system that enables the rear wheel to obtain up to 5mm in vertical travel. The 2.0 is the updated version of Actiflex that was featured on Cento10 NDR, the winner of the 2017 Eurobike Award and of the prestigious Tour Magazin Reader's Award in 2018. Discover the 3D Elastomer - Hard or the 3D Elastomer - Soft.


Both Rave SLR colours can be outfitted with top-end road accessories (new Shimano Dura Ace Di2, new Shimano Ultegra Di2, Sram Force AXS) or high range gravel accessories (Campagnolo Ekar, Shimano GRX or the new Sram Force AXS XPLR) with road or gravel tyres up to 42mm.


The rear wheel travel is regulated by an elastomer made of viscoelastic material. In models featuring Dura Ace Di2 12V and Sram Red AXS setups, the elastomer is replaced with a 3D printed conformal lattice structure, a solution that reduces the overall weight of the frame by a further 20g. 


The frame's geometries play a fundamental role when it comes to endurance bikes. To guarantee the highest racing and comfort levels, different frame tube proportions must be taken into account. The position is slightly shorter (less reach compared to bikes with traditional racing geometries) and higher (greater stack in comparison to racing geometries).


This combination of reach and stack provides a more comfortable position without the need for spacers between the handlebar stem and the frame. How many times do cyclists ride pure racing bikes with centimetres of spacers on the head tube? With Granturismo SLR the bike will appear more harmonious, well-proportioned, and balanced while maintaining its racing character.


The carbon mix used for Granturismo SLR is HUS-MOD combined with Liquid Crystal Polymer, the special fibre incorporated in the carbon mesh that adds vertical elasticity while increasing torsional stiffness. This solution is also widely used in other top-range products such as Filante SLR and Wilier 0 SLR.


Cycling long distances means spending long hours on the saddle. And, although Granturismo SLR doesn’t offer maximum competition performance, aerodynamics is still important, even in a bike of this type.


Because when you’re spending hours on the saddle, even small details and enhancements can reduce fatigue. So, we've added a number of characteristics derived from Filante SLR (our aerodynamic competition bike). In addition to the optimised tube section, we've considered the very wide fork crown, the integrated monocoque handlebar, and total cable integration.


A wide fork crown improves aerodynamics and offers a generous wheel clearance. Wheels with tires up to a maximum width of 32 mm can be installed on Granturismo SLR, a perfect size for a modern bike like this one bred for endurance.


The derailleur support is removable, just like on Rave SLR. That’s because we believe that 1x assemblies will be used increasingly in the near future, even on road bikes not intended for use in competition. For the 1x assembly, we've replaced the derailleur support with a flat plate to preserve the bike’s sleek look even without the front derailleur.


On Granturismo SLR, we've included the monocoque handlebar, which we usually install on Wilier 0 SLR, our flagship climbing bike. The 0 Bar has a rounded ergonomic grip that’s more comfortable than the one on our aero Filante Bar. The spacers, which are the same as those used on the Filante SLR, adapt it perfectly to the frame.


And don’t forget that the 0 Bar monocoque handlebar houses and routes the brake and derailleur cables inside the frame, protecting them from air friction and giving the Granturismo SLR the clean and pure lines that typify Wilier Triestina’s high-end products. Granturismo SLR is also compatible with all Wilier Triestina monocoque and modular handlebars.


The spacers between the frame head tube and the handlebar are made of a high-rigidity composite material, with a special cavity for routing the cables. They consist of two parts for quick assembly and disassembly, without interfering with the cables that run from the handlebar to the frame.



  Geometries| Wilier


The images are an example of this complete bike by Wilier. Please check all specs for exact components.


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