Hybrid Commuter General Service $99

Please note, Booking is essential to guarantee your service.


After years of mistreatment, a service will spring new life into the faithful commuter. Smooth gears, easy brakes, no rattles ... But what are the signs to tell you its time to drop by Chainsmith?

Whats included in your General Hybrid Service?

We aim towards providing the following :

  • Brakes - Adjust to reduce or eliminate rubbing or squealing
  • Gears - Allow smoother gear change
  • Chain - Match gears with correct tension, lubed
  • Wheels - True, all spokes in place, rims checked
  • Cables - tension correction, freely moving
  • Tighten nuts and bolts
  • Steering is true
  • Tyres checked, correct PSI, rolling true
  • Frame wiped over
  • Saddle, bars straight
  • Source, eliminate or reduce noises

The smoothness of your bike will depend on the state of your components.

As part with your Bike Service you get 3 installations (from the list below) complementary, parts additional* :

Installation / Labor List

  • brake pad
  • cable (inner or outer)
  • tube
  • tyre
  • pedal
  • stem
  • chain
  • handgrip
  • barends

Contact us to Book a Hybrid Bike Service

This is not how a bike part should look!


We aim to have your bike ready the same day of your booking. That means you smoothly roll from Chainsmith the same day.

*please note that additional installations and parts are extra, and we're happy to provide a quote when seeing the bike. If unsure, feel free to let us look at the bike or absolutely call us as we're always happy to provide over the phone assistance.

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