For details on the services we provide for your Flat Bar Commuter see below.  We also answer many questions regarding the booking process and expectations in our Frequently Asked Questions section.


Professional servicing of your bike ensures efficiency when it comes to commuting about Sydney. We offer two services to suit riders. The Premium and clean is for riders specific about their safety and the maintenance of a dependable commuter. The General is still a reliable service but without cleaning. Nor does it include any removal of parts. You can choose to book any of these services through our online schedule. For clients familiar with our services, you may like to jump ahead and book here.

Premium Service and Clean

Includes : A premium service of the bike plus complete clean.

Details : Includes a full frame and component clean. Additional servicing from the "General Service" as it involves potential clean and regrease of the drive train bottom bracket and headset.

Expect : You’ll expect your bike to sparkle and noticeably ride and handle smooth and efficiently. Advice is provided on how to maintain or increase the performance of your bike.

Suitable for : A premium service suits a rider particular about comprehensive maintenance of their bikes or a rider who races and depends on mechanical perfection. Premium also suits riders spending hours a week on the bike who require a deeper clean. It is for riders who do not have the tools and/or skills to perform a deep clean domestically. We’d recommend that a Premium Service be completed annually.

Premium and Clean for Commuters $170


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The General Service 

Includes : During a general service of your commuter we tend to the gearing, brakes and wheels. A safety check is performed to ensure all nuts and bolts are tight and the frame wiped.

Details : Includes wipe and check of the frame. We assess all parts and provide recommendations on all components wear and tear, or repair options. The chain is lubed, tyres and cables inspected, seat and bars adjusted. Safety check approval included. You will be notified of any required installations. Recommendations are based on the use of the bike and how frequently it is ridden. The service will include all tuning, but excludes cleaning.

Expect : Providing a general service will maintain longevity of parts while giving assurance the bike is in working order. You will expect the bike to run more smoothly.

Suitable for : The general service is a budget option, or option for riders requiring basic service attention. We recommend this option for riders using their bikes semi-regularly (1-3 days a week), or who’ve stored their bikes and wanting to ride after a prolonged period of months or years.

General Service for Commuters 110$

general commuter bike service in sydney

To make a booking you may directly contact us to book, or schedule online. Details are below.

 We are proud of our efficient booking and ask that you organise drop off same day or the day before. Your bike will aim to be ready for pick up on the day of booking. Storage fees may be arranged at 5$ per night after the first evening.

For any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section here.

Online Booking at Chainsmith


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