The aims of custom :

Less Waste, More choice, More Specific

  • Why waste time guessing bike fit when the highest skilled specialists will get it bang on?
  • Why limit your search by brands ridden by Pro's on Grand Tours, when your perfect bike should perform in line with all your specific cycling aspirations?
  • Why standardise your riding with only 5 size models when, instead, you can embed your unique physiology into the geometry of your ideal frame?
  • Why choose the latest fad colour (thats out of flavour next year), when your personal designs can be met?

There are endless reasons why custom can be better than mass produced frames. Custom isn't radical, its actually an obvious choice. Custom perfects your ride not only in terms of your fit, but in line with your aesthetics, design, and most importantly how the bike is created unique to you in every possible way.


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