You are welcome to join our regular weekly bunch rides leaving from Chainsmith in Surry Hills.

The shop rides cater for everyone, including beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. We've even had the occasional Pro riders join us.

All details are posted on our Strava Chainsmith Club. Upon joining you will see the date, speed and distance of each ride to decide on which to join. We also send you information on any new rides, changes to routes, or potential cancellations due to weather. Ride events such as our annual Velocio supported rides, are also shared with you through Strava.


For riders new to Chainsmith bunch riding, we require you've the appropriate equipment including a road bike, tools to change a tyre and clipless pedals. We also require you to follow road rules and ride according to bunch etiquette.

Haven’t bunch ridden before? We hold classes at the local Centennial Park every second month for our clients, and you’re welcome to join. You can contact Ali for details on the next course.

While it isn’t a legal requirement, it's always good to be insured. If you join associations such as Cycling Australia or Bicycle Network, you can read their policies that include insurance details.

Lastly, riding isn’t always about being the strongest or the fastest. Our shop rides are as much about challenging yourself as they are about having fun. While many members are familiar faces at the local races, we’re a friendly bunch and love the banter during a post ride coffee. Riding brings together an incredible array of wonderful people. We are proud to have introduced riders who now regularly spend their mornings, Weekends and even holidays together.


Chainsmith Strava Club

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