Its Winter : Why on earth buy a bike?

Its Winter : Why on earth buy a bike?

Here in Australia its cold outside and you'll gladly escape the chill by jumping on a heated bus. A year ago Id say you'd likely be crammed against a stranger. Now, in 2020, there's probably only a few seated commuters, and they're wearing masks.

"Will I catch something"? is in the back of your mind. A sneeze will not help your nerves.

From your own car you'll glimpse well wrapped cyclists as they zip ahead. Likely they'll beat you to your destination. They've right of way on new pop up bike lanes that lead all the way to the office.

Some are in slacks and jackets. Others wear close fitted apparel leaving nothing to the imagination. Their visibly fit bodies push out of the saddle like pro's sprinting for a finish. They're on stand by when the light is red, alert and ready to jump. Notice how healthy they look no matter their age.

commuting in Sydney by bike

There's a woman on a road bike outside the window. You recognise her from the office. She joins the small group of riders beside the bus, pushes to the front and then she's gone. You're stuck at the red again.

Of course its to be expected - there's the fit 30 year olds, the slightly weather worn 40's, and even more portly bellied boys giving time itself a run for its money. How amazing and agile they all look - even in winter gear you can see defined calves that testify cycling is part of their lives.

Little do you know - many have been up at sparrows hour. The lycra clad members of the commuting community rode 30km at dawn with a bunch of friends. They even had time to stop for coffee and share some laughs. At the Cafe, you can walk past to hear someone shouting another round. They're all hooting "thanks!"

Today at the cafe, a small bunch of cyclists talked of a planned getaway to Adelaide Hills during the TDU next year... Hopefully the event is on! If not, they'll get away to Berry for a week together. Someone owns a house and its ready to be filled with road bikes, fine wine and friends.

And how will you spend early next year?

No doubt you'll have returned to work which every year may seem less and less important. Perhaps like other years you'll be paying off Christmas presents or parties, but wishing you could escape this all and have a real holiday. Maybe you'll be thinking this is the year, I really should take control of this waistline and get a gym membership... once they're deemed safe.

The bus suddenly lurches forward and the brakes jam hard. You stop yourself from falling and grip on to the flu infested hand rest of the public bus.

Your cyclist is already arrived at work and feels invigorated. She's entertained herself with friends, achieved some personal challenges by getting to work at a ripper time, she's already squeezed in a shower and about to have a coffee before starting her work day. A colleague passes by and they stop and smile, comparing their rides that morning.

commuting to work by bike

Ah, cycling. If you don't do it, you're quite right. You are missing out. And if you're not sure how to get started, get in touch. Call us, email us, come by the shop. We are again and again thanked by clients and friends who recall how we assisted by getting them on the bike.

Importantly, while we can find you the right bike we understand the fear of riding in a City. Bike trainers are a good start to build fitness, and to make the transition from home to on the road better. The Wahoo Kickr Bike has proved an incredible tool for Chainsmith riders to get started and to retain fitness through Winter. The trainer will inspire and build confidence alongside the support we offer by teaching how to use gears and cleats. We offer "learn to bunch ride" lessons for those with Road Bikes alongside our complementary weekly shop rides and a calendar of annual events will help continue to motivate.

For information on any of these products or rides, please contact us here.

So if you find yourself hesitating please remember, There's no bad reason to cycle, only bad reasons to not cycle.


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