General Road Bike Service Explained

General Road Bike Service Explained

What's a General Service for Road Bikes?


Road bikes are not unlike people. They are each built differently, can present characteristics and idiosyncrasies when it comes to their mechanical parts. While we recommend a strip and rebuild or a premium service as an annual occurrence, we understand some riders have other economic commitments that make a general service the viable option. A general service, if done correctly, will certainly see you through a good amount of riding during the year.


So, what do we mean by a general service done correctly? If your bike has seen a lot of the road since it last visited a bike shop, if you visited a shop that doesn’t specialise in your type of bike, or if a mate who dabbles in fixing bikes has “had a go”, then you’d likely be recommended to get a service by a professional. And in these instances its possible you’ll need a few additional parts.


Riding a bike free from mechanical issues means you’re providing yourself the safest way to travel by two wheels. We have seen it all. From brake pads worn so far they rub holes in rims, to chains that required replacement and snap during rides in heavy traffic. At Chainsmith our aims not only have your bike look the part, but to ensure you’re riding smoothly and your safety is maintained.


Because we like to be transparent in our servicing when it comes to the work and any necessary replacements of parts, you’ll be informed and quoted before work commences. The assessment will occur when you drop off the bike.


What does the assessment do, and how long will it take? We check your bike over from tip to tip. All parts need looking over so we can figure what may need replacing or tuning.


Our obligation after a service is to have your bike in excellent riding condition. That means we will give you an honest and thorough assessment. We do not advise necessary work. Its not in our interest to add on any work or parts you don’t need, and we certainly are busy enough that we won’t waste your money or our time. So rest assured our assessment is based on a huge amount off experiences workshop providers, as mechanics and as riders. Our wealth of knowledge is what defines us, and its also what keeps our customers returning service after service, year after year.


You may receive a call. Why can’t we quote absolutely during the initial set up? There are things we cannot see with the eye or feel with the hands. There are components installed within the frame, noises that present only when on the rack or during a test ride. This means we can pick up a few things during the service itself. We pride ourselves on giving very good assessments and its certainly rare for that quote to stray far.


However, there are instances where bearings in hubs, bottom brackets or headsets require replacement. There are also rare but extreme cases when a frame may show small cracks. You can be assured we contact you if any of these occurrences eventuate.


Getting a general service on your bike is the least you can do yourself to enhance your ride experience and provide you a safer passage during your cycling. A general service is definitely an annual recommendation, actually for most riders we’d advise this service every 8 months.


You can always feel welcomed to come by Chainsmith and have one of the team assess the bike complementary. We can even book you a service or provide you online access to our booking schedule.


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