Respecting the outdoors : Chainsmiths Mission for Cycling

Respecting the outdoors : Chainsmiths Mission for Cycling

How often have you experienced awe riding through clouds on cliffs, or been towered by prehistoric palms as you travel the trails of a forest floor? Regardless whether you enjoy off road adventures or on road antics, a common passion shared is our ability to enjoy the wide outdoors. If lockdowns taught us anything, its to appreciate what we have, and to look after it.

"Between 2001 and 2019 we lost 386 million hectares of tree cover in total. Thats 7 times as much as we regrew"

The Global Goals

Cyclists stand to benefit more than most sports when it comes to preserving the environment. We'd go further to say conservation goes hand in hand with cycling. Thats why Chainsmith believes maintaining nature's balance is every cyclists responsibility. Its also a duty for those involved in the cycling industry.

Our shared celebration for nature has become entwined with our commitment to protect it. We recently pledged to promote and contribute to environmental care projects through B1G1 Global Goals.

We believe looking after the forests should come from pride and passion. Hopefully you do too because, without making an effort, you're about to be involved.


B1G1 Australia


In a quest to maintain our trail environments and natural surrounds, Global Goals projects such as planting trees has become part of the Chainsmith philosophy. We've committed to landcare. What does that mean?

"Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss."

Each month the target and project may change. The current mission? Contribute to the plantation of 100 trees in July. We're incredibly proud that for every bike fit completed at our IdMatch Bike Fit Lab, a tree is planted. That includes any -

  • Premium Fit-First
  • Comprehensive Bike Fit
  • Saddle Fit & Hire program
  • Cleat Fit

If you've considered a bike fit this is the perfect opportunity to blend two needs in one. You can read the options and what makes a Chainsmith Bike Fit Unique here.

How to contribute without a bikefit?

What's more, because we're committed, every dollar you spend at Chainsmith will contribute to planting 600 trees before December 25.


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How can you help without spending a dollar?

The rules are easy. No bikes, no riders. Just images of the landscape you ride.

Usually #bikeporn has our attention. But we've been striking up some incredible images of landscape seen from the saddle. We'd love to share your perspective from the saddle, and reward it by contributing a tree. How? When you upload views from the saddle to instagram tag @chainsmithbikes and add #chainsmithglobalgoals to your post.

Every week, for 6 weeks, we'll choose our favourite and donate a tree to the cause.

Here's a photo Ali took during a gravel ride in the Bunya Mountains. Of course, roads are allowed. We hope you join in and help maintain the precious ecosystem we take advantage of.

bunya mountains cycling

Together lets help our forests revive and survive.

"As we depopulate the world of trees, the global temperature rises, droughts occur more often, forests become drier and fires more frequent releasing tons of CO2 into the atmosphere raising the earth’s temperature even more."

The Chainsmith Team

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