Factory Frame, Custom Built Road Bikes

Factory Frame, Custom Built Road Bikes

The Benefits of a Factory Frame / Custom Build at Chainsmith


When preparing to buy a Factory Frame / Custom built road bike you may think the process as unremarkable as choosing the finish on golf shoes. But buying a bike should be remarkable. Unlike other sports equipment, a bike caters to infinite details of what identifies you from anyone else. By considering each nuance you receive a perfectly suited bike. The satisfaction you feel with ride performance will also far exceed that produced by a generic "off the rack" purchase.

Let's walk you through the reasons, and the process.

A factory frame and custom build should celebrate your individuality. In doing so, your ride experience and performance will benefit greatly. Each part that makes the bike will fit. From your handlebar drop and reach, to your crank length or pedal type, each component together affects your performance, your comfort and your bike handling.

With expert care and foresight, your weight will be distributed correctly over each part of the frame and every component. In essence the result can change how well you climb, how fast you descend, your power transfer and the confidence you take to corners.

Bikes are built with over a hundred parts. With that level of variety its no surprise deciding on a bike causes great confusion. Add to this the great variety of bike types, the differing geometry and the choice in materials and its easy to understand why a rider may prolong or neglect to buy a bike altogether.

To avoid the overwhelm, many riders buy generic "off the shelf" bikes. But your body does not conform to one generic shape as much as your posture will not mimic the position of a generic rider. We each have our own unique traits that, when carefully identified and combined with the right equipment, will enhance and not hinder your progress as a rider.

You may happen to have tight ITB's from time spent seated at a desk, or have an old injury, small hands, or even have a discrepancy in leg length from birth. All these qualities are best observed and involved in the process of bike buying to ensure you will ride to the best of your bodies ability.

Cipollini Frame custom build
Cipollini Factory Frame, Built for the specific individual and for their future riding goals


Common Buying Mistakes

While a generic bike ridden from a store can offer a quick purchase you've minimal time to focus on the importance of your own traits. Instead you spend time researching and defining what traits the bike has. Unfortunately this imbalanced view too often turns to pain or inadequacy.

Our workshop services all brands of bike and we consistently notice branded factory bikes that present the obvious features of bad fit and incorrect frame or components. We provide countless bike fits to eliminate pain and replace parts or upgrade components for clients. Its common for us to notice clients who originally bought their complete bike with no thought to how the details of the bike, (the components and build), could benefit and suit their unique attributes and goals.

Pain points can vary from feelings of numbness to burning sensations, hip or knee distortion and even the inability to move your neck. I've assisted a client who endured years of lacerations to her groin caused by an incorrectly purchased bike size combined with unsuitable components and a poor bike fit. The answer was a new saddle crank and stem, and a bike fit. While she can now ride with relative comfort, the years of suffering and the cost to correct the problem has taken a toll.

Having an incorrect, or incorrectly sized bike combined with inappropriate components will not have you achieving your optimal best results. Nor will it allow you the best comfort. Buy right, the first time.

You can avoid the common buying mistakes with little effort. We take the time to do your homework. Together we build a bike to cater to your nuances and, much like crafting a tailored suit, the fit is designed to provide you years of satisfaction while enhancing your performance. 

Of course, there are plenty of positive results gained from brands beyond the known Trek, Specialized and Giant. These are accomplished and professional brands supplying exceptional components. However, when it comes to their generic range you’re without options. The bike isn’t made for you specifically, your body or your riding needs. That means you need to be fitted to the bike.

While complete road bikes are stocked with established component manufacturers, we've a chosen variety of options to work for your individual needs.

wilier 0sl frameset
Its not only frame geometry but detailed variables that can change your ride and which the Chainsmith Team are happy to walk you through.

The Process of Buying from Chainsmith

You. We start with you. We've built a comprehensive questionnaire to establish your history, your aims, your pain points and your focus. These are integral to understanding what will best suit you as an individual with future riding goals.

The Frame. Only then do we look at the true heart of the bike, the frame. The frame is responsible for the feel, comfort and performance of the ride. At times you'll have ready access to frames. Other times you will order either from local supplies or international. The latter case may involve new release frames, particular high end bikes, or Italian made or custom painted factory frame sets.

Group set. Meanwhile the group set refines the experience further offering smoother gears, multiple ideal ratio combinations, crank length, brake style and/or suitable hand position. For the Italian cycling purists you'll be keen to hear we've expertise in Campagnolo. Meanwhile, Shimano and SRAM are also ready to install. Our workshop will typically install components that are decided at the point of order.

Components. When it comes to components, you'll be inspired by the ergonomic practicality, the aesthetic and the mechanical engineering honed by our favoured Italian manufacturers. We choose parts based not on the marketing of brands but on their suitability for your measurements and use. A comprehensive quality driven collection of handlebars, stems, seatposts and wheelsets are held at Chainsmith.

Accessories. Saddles, Bottle cages, bar tape and pedals. You've a full range to choose from at Chainsmith and each will be installed when we receive the frame. There is time to prepare for these items.

deda elementi at chainsmith sydney

Deda Elementi Components installed at the Chainsmith Workshop

Fortunately, at Chainsmith, a factory frame with our custom builds ensures quality brands with our large range of components each chosen according to your needs.

For more information on the benefits of Factory Frames, Custom Builds please head to Part Two on Refining your Bike Purchase : Factory Frames Custom Builds

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