Reviewing Wilier’s endurance road bike: The GranTurismo

Reviewing Wilier’s endurance road bike: The GranTurismo

In a world where aerodynamic frames dominate the spotlight, it's easy for riders to get caught up in the allure of race geometry, to overlook the true gem that lies in Wilier’s new released GranTurismo. This review aims to shed light on the GranTurismo's exceptional qualities and bring attention to its overlooked brilliance. While popular aero frames may captivate many, we believe that many Australian riders seeking their ultimate companion on the road should look no further than the Granturismo. Join us as we explore why this remarkable bike is likely to be the best choice for those seeking an unrivaled blend of performance, comfort, and versatility.

The Wilier Endurance bike, the GranTurismo, has recently been honored with the prestigious Design & Innovation Award, solidifying its position as one of the top performers in the bike industry. It exudes a professional peloton aesthetic, but don't be mistaken, this bike is not reserved solely for the pros. Any rider can revel in its exceptional qualities.

2023 Wilier GranTurismo at Chainsmith, photo Alison McGregor

The GranTurismo SLR combines the endurance bike's reach and stack with the characteristics of a competition bike, making it a truly remarkable concept. It strikes a perfect balance between comfort and performance, offering an unparalleled riding experience.

Just Ride Bikes praised the GranTurismo for its well-balanced design, from the front to the rear, seamlessly blending the agility of a race bike with the necessary stability. This harmony ensures a thrilling ride for cyclists of all skill levels.

Despite its relaxed geometry, the GranTurismo effortlessly maintains high end performance feel that captures the essence of its namesake, GranTurismo. Wilier have even complementing the model with an eye catching Ferrari red paint job. In doing so, Wilier GranTurismo embodies the best of both worlds—performance and comfort.

Wilier bravely introduces a rare but essential concept with the GranTurismo. Normally a brand’s endurance range is targeted to new riders who haven’t perhaps understood the aerodynamic appeal of race profile tour ridden road bikes. We’d go so far to say that endurance frames are relegated at the lowest spectrum when it comes to weight, carbon used, and the wrap techniques. But Wilier have upped the ante. They’ve captured the attention of critics by offering a high end performance frame with a matching high end price. The GranTurismo built with Ultegra Di2 and Carbon SLR Wheelset retails for 14k in Australia. We await the slack that inevitably arises from a public wishing but unable to achieve their dream bike.

Wilier GranTurismo notice the generous headtube, photo Alison McGregor

So what have Wilier included to make this frame, the GranTurismo SLR, part of their elite fleet? We take a look at both the innovations, and the integrations that have been incorporated making this machine of value for so many everyday riders.

Firstly the Granturismo caters to riders who value the harmonious integration of comfort and performance. It's a bike that suits the majority of riders who desire safety, ambition, and confidence in their cycling endeavours. Unfortunately, many cyclists we meet prioritise race-ready profiles over ideal geometry for the perfect bike fit experience. Infact we wrote an article titled "Prioritizing aerodynamics over comfort: Road Bike performance," to shed light on this trend, encouraging riders to consider the importance of comfort alongside speed.

Wilier takes great pride in crafting bikes tailored to riders' personal ideals in terms of performance, comfort, and aesthetics. We also prioritise bike-fit methodology, ensuring riders are matched with a bike to optimise their ideal riding position. The result? Enhanced speed, fitness, and endurance. The GranTurismo fulfills the needs of a wide range of cyclists, empowering them to conquer hills and embark on long-haul rides with the determination of Peter Sagan but who likely lack his flexibility.


Wilier GranTurismo actiflex 2.0 photo Alison McGregor

Among its standout features, the GranTurismo showcases the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system at the rear of the bike. This upgraded version of the rear micro-shock absorber, previously seen on the Cento10 NDR in 2017, effectively dampens road vibrations, preventing unnecessary discomfort and fatigue.

Significant improvements have been made since the first ACTIFLEX version. The damper mechanism has been elevated, now positioned between the top tube and the seat stays rather than between the seat stays and the seat tube. The shape and mechanism have undergone extensive overhauls. The rear end of the bike can now flex and absorb impacts, thanks to the elastomer-based design, which can stretch and compress. The ACTIFLEX 2.0 system can be customized for different rider weights using various 3D printed elastomer inserts.

The latest version of the ACTIFLEX system relies on four ball bearings in conjunction with the elastomer. These modifications aim to safeguard the system against dirt and moisture, improve its serviceability and durability, and enhance the bike's overall stiffness. With the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system, Wilier ensures a smoother and more enjoyable ride, providing cyclists with unparalleled performance and comfort.


Wilier GranTurismo, photo Alison McGregor

The Wilier GranTurismo incorporates a meticulously calculated design element—maximum tire clearance of up to 32 mm. This generous allowance not only ensures a smoother ride during long hours in the saddle but also opens up enticing possibilities of venturing onto gravel country roads. There has definitely been discussion in the Chainsmith workshop that the unofficial tyre clearance may stretch to 33-34 mm, further expanding the bike's versatility.

In terms of design, Wilier has skilfully amalgamated elements from their esteemed lineup. The patented asymmetric fork and rear end, reminiscent of the Wilier Zero and Filante models, confer significant aerodynamic advantages. This innovative approach strikes an impeccable balance between absorbing braking forces, distributing them efficiently, and maintaining a lightweight profile. Speaking of weight, our tests reveal that the GranTurismo, in its large size configuration, boasts an impressive 7.7 kg. This remarkable lightweight value for a disc brake endurance bike is a testament to Wilier's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

For riders seeking to conquer endurance rides and push their limits, the Wilier GranTurismo promises an elevated experience rare to be found of any manufactured brand. With its meticulous design, incorporating features such as the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system, maximum tire clearance and relaxed geometry, this bike offers a smooth and comfortable ride, even during long hours in the saddle. The balanced geometry strikes the perfect equilibrium between performance and comfort, and allows for safe and sure handling. This allowance encourages riders to tackle challenging terrains. Moreover, the GranTurismo's lightweight construction and exceptional braking force absorption enhance control and confidence on descents. So, whether you're embarking on a challenging century ride or venturing into unknown landscapes, the GranTurismo will undoubtedly enhance your endurance cycling journey. Parred with a bike fit, the GranTurismo has been chosen to ensure you reach your cycling potential, whether that be to ride faster, farther, or with exceptional comfort.

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