Reviewing Alba Delta Vibe Sunglasses: Cycling Elegance on road or trails

Reviewing Alba Delta Vibe Sunglasses: Cycling Elegance on road or trails

Whether embarking on the open road or dusty trails, every cyclist knows the importance of gear that seamlessly becomes an extension of the ride. When it comes to eyewear, our harsh Australian sun can easily become a distraction if not perfectly suited to the conditions. So, when we recently received a set of sunglasses from Italy, we thought to ask seasoned rider and avid product tester Jon Page to provide a review. Thankfully he obliged.

In the world of cycling eyewear, the Alba Delta Vibes have emerged as an enigma, inviting riders to experience the road in a way that defies conventional expectations. We wanted to know if Jon also agreed that the Delta Vibes strike a delicate balance between design and functionality. As Jon dives into the realms of the Delta Vibes, he uncovers how they transcend the ordinary, making each ride a symphony of clarity, comfort, and style.

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“The Alba Delta Vibes were weirdly difficult to review - I kept forgetting I was wearing them. Every facet is designed so precisely that they seamlessly blend into your riding experience. As Stupid Sexy Flanders says, it feels like you're wearing nothing at all, nothing at all.

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Foremost, as is to be expected, the lens clarity is exceptional. No distortion, just crisp and clear vision. The Delta Vibe is “retro inspired” and this extends to the tint (aesthetics are personal, so I won't comment on the look of the frame, apart from to say they're, like, totally rad, dude). A neutral, almost sepia tone gives all rides a vintage twist. The lens shape and lack of bottom frame combine to provide full yet subtle coverage, even when checking over the shoulder or down at the pedals when full gas. Hardly any chinks of light slip past the Delta Vibes. All this, and still a good balance of air flow meaning fogging is rare.

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The most impressive aspect of these sunglasses though is the fit. I’ve owned many pairs of sunglasses. I currently have 3 pairs from 3 brands. I also recently spent my time waiting for a flight in an airport sunglasses shop and tried on every cycling-specific pair available. None have ever come close to the Delta Vibes in terms of snug, lightweight fit. These sunnies snap onto your face like a friendly facehugger from Alien, and similarly won’t let go. They quite literally lock onto you. Here the similarities to extraterrestrial parasites end however - while eventually facehuggers result in severe abdominal pain, these Albas can sit on your face for hours without discomfort. Safe and secure. They probably have to be tried to be believed, but the fit is far superior to other top brands.

If you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a noticeable improvement in your time on the bike, these sunglasses aren't for you. Because the Alba Delta Vibes are so exquisitely designed, you'll quickly forget you're wearing them. And that is the sign of perfection.”

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cycling accessories, the Alba Delta Vibes stand as a testament to Italy’s continuing innovation and craftsmanship. As you pedal through sun-drenched landscapes or challenge yourself with each ascent, sunglasses prove to be more than a mere accessory – they become an invisible companion, enhancing your connection with the road.

And for those seeking the next level of personalisation, it's worth noting that photocromatic lenses and prescription installed optical lenses are available separately, allowing you to tailor your eyewear experience to perfection. With the Alba Delta Vibes, perfection isn't just a visual clarity or a snug fit; it's the art of forgetting you're wearing them, seamlessly merging the rider and the road into a harmonious journey. Explore the road with the confidence that comes from wearing not just sunglasses, but a crafted masterpiece by Alba Optics.

Get your Vibes at Chainsmith RRP 300$, while stocks last.
Thanks to Jon Page for his review and being a brilliant model.
Images: Alison McGregor
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