Upgrade or New Bike?: A case study in Sustainable Choices

Upgrade or New Bike?: A case study in Sustainable Choices

In the world of cycling, the allure of a shiny, brand-new bike can be hard to resist. However, seasoned riders like Euan McCutcheon understand that sometimes, there's more to be gained by upgrading a trusted two-wheeled companion rather than jumping onto a new frame. Chainsmith, our renowned bike shop located in the heart of Sydney, has been a haven for riders seeking to enhance their cycling experience through expert consultation, component sourcing, precise bike fitting services, and impeccable bike builds.

We had the pleasure of asking Euan McCutcheon, a loyal Chainsmith customer, to delve into his experiences and gather insights into how Chainsmith mechanics have consistently exceeded his expectations when it comes to upgrading his beloved Italian Alan steel bike.

Part of the refurb included the team organising the recreation and welding of a new hanger to ensure the smooth shifting of this Alan CX


Q1: Why Upgrade Your Bike Instead of Buying New?

Euan McCutcheon shares his perspective on this often-debated topic: "The way we are constantly consuming new things is a bit concerning, so for me, I think a good metal frame (Aluminium, Steel, Ti, etc.) can last a lifetime or more. So when I wanted a commuter, it only made sense to bring life back to something that I think had plenty to give!"

Euan's viewpoint highlights a sustainable approach to cycling. Rather than discarding a trusty companion, he's chosen to breathe new life into his bike, an Alan, through strategic upgrades. Chainsmith helps riders like Euan make the most of existing frames, aligning with a more eco-conscious way of enjoying the sport.

Refurb Alan steel road bike australia

Notice newer complementary features showing amongst the traditions, including Australian Bar Tape Burgh, and of course the inclusion of Thomson Components.

Alan Burgh tape Campaggnolo refurb

A beautiful installation of Campagnolo components and Burgh bar tape


Q2: Exceptional Advice and Expertise from Chainsmith

Euan has turned to Chainsmith for four bike projects, and his loyalty speaks volumes about the level of service he receives: "This is my 4th bike with CS, and I wouldn't go anywhere else - I can be a little bit of a perfectionist, but the Team is always there to walk me through every step of the way (put up with me :)) and super knowledgeable on all things builds so they can work on solutions if they are needed."

Chainsmith's staff is more than just mechanics; they are trusted advisors who collaborate closely with riders to understand their unique needs and preferences. Whether you're new to the world of cycling upgrades or a seasoned rider like Euan, the Chainsmith team's expertise ensures a smooth and rewarding journey.

refurbishing steel road bike upgrades

Q3: Why Recommend Chainsmith for Upgrades and Builds?

Euan’s endorsement of Chainsmith is unequivocal: "100% yes! As I mentioned in the above, I think they are the best in the biz, especially if you have a taste for Italian things :)"

Chainsmith's reputation for excellence extends far beyond just bike mechanics; they are purveyors of a cycling experience tailored to your desires. Whether you're dreaming of an Italian-inspired masterpiece or a custom build with a unique twist, Chainsmith's commitment to quality shines through in every project they undertake.

Q4: Any Planned Riding Adventures with Your Refurbed Alan?

Finally, we asked Euan about his riding experiences with his upgraded Alan cx bike: "At this stage, it’s just taking care of me as my daily commute to work… if I see grass or gravel, I do try and hit it. But who knows, maybe I might give it a run in something a little longer in the future - I do have to remind myself it’s also middle age like me !”

Euan’s daily commute, now enhanced by his cherished Alan, demonstrates the versatility that Chainsmith upgrades bring to your cycling routine. Whether you're tackling daily commutes or planning exciting new adventures, an upgraded bike can adapt to your evolving needs.

complete alan refurbished road bike

Elevate Your Cycling Experience with Chainsmith

Euan’s McCutcheon's journey with Chainsmith serves as a testament to the benefits of upgrading your bike over buying new. Sustainability, expert advice, and personalised builds are at the heart of Chainsmith's offerings, making them the go-to destination for riders looking to enhance their cycling experience.

In a world where new bikes come and go, Chainsmith mechanics are dedicated to helping you rediscover the untapped potential in your current bike frame. As Euan's story illustrates, this approach not only revitalises your ride but also deepens your connection with your trusty companion.

Upgrade and Ride On

Euan McCutcheon's experiences at Chainsmith remind us that upgrading your bike is not just about enhancing performance; it's about preserving the memories and adventures you've shared with your trusted steed. Chainsmith's consultation services, component sourcing, bike fitting expertise, and impeccable builds are the keys to unlocking your bike's full potential.

So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, torn between a shiny new bike and breathing new life into your current one, remember Euan’s words of wisdom. Visit Chainsmith and let their dedicated team of mechanics and advisors guide you toward a cycling experience that's as unique as you are.

How to get started?

Ready to embark on your own bike upgrade journey with Chainsmith? Don't hesitate to book a consultation or rebuild with their team today. Whether you're seeking to enhance your current ride or create a custom masterpiece, Chainsmith is here to make your cycling dreams a reality. Join Euan McCutcheon and countless other satisfied riders who have elevated their cycling experience with Chainsmith. Upgrade, ride on, and savour the journey. Contact us with your questions.


The entire Chainsmith Team thank Euan for his kind words and ongoing support.


upgrading your road bike 


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