Cycling Shoes : Reviewing Vittoria Revolve

Cycling Shoes : Reviewing Vittoria Revolve

Cycling Shoes : Reviewing Vittoria Revolve

"Anyone who knows David understands he's as dry, blunt and honest as you'll get. Thats why we've asked him to use his experience and give us a summary of Vittoria's latest shoe, the Revolve. It was hard to pin him down between riding and working at Chainsmith. But we finally managed a review regarding Vittoria's latest high performance shoe, the Revolve." Ali

 vittoria revolve cycling shoes review

Ive tried quite a few of Vittoria’s range over the years and I was ready for a new pair to test. Ive been looking for a shoe that works for longer rides and race conditions. So I preferred a close fitting, supportive lightweight shoe. I also want good power transfer from a shoe. Vittoria state the Revolve “have the maximum of stiffness and your power will be transferred to the pedals as you have never experienced before. ” That's good enough for me to try.

What Im really impressed by?

The look

Firstly, before putting the Revolve on, its a really good looking shoe. Its slick and the colours are great. The fabric is really different and its a stiff upper - not soft whatsoever. Its constructed by this outside woven nylon you can see, and the inside is still soft to touch. The silver streaks makes a smart shoe.

 reviewing cycling shoes vittoria revolve

The fit

I wear half sizes so I ordered this with my bike-fit measurements. When I put my foot inside and tightened the new Boa my entire foot felt comfortable. There’s something about the wrap around upper design and the new Boa ratchet which give this total even compression feel. Its comfortable to tighten without causing any pain or pin pointed pressure.

"We find people wear cycling shoes like running shoes, loose and big. A cycling shoe should fit well, like a glove."

We find a lot of people come to the store and need shoes. But they already ride with shoes too big. That means the fit of the cleat is difficult or impossible. Instead Vittoria make their shoes in standard or wide fit, and that means you don't need to compromise by wearing a shoe too long because your foot is wider. Also, we find people wear cycling shoes like running shoes, loose and big. A cycling shoe should fit well, like a glove. Thats a good way to really maximise your power transfer.

The upper wrap around system allows a perfect fit. It doesn't restrict circulation and it doesn’t apply pressure in one area so you can tighten the ratchet however you like during the ride without worrying about numbness. Also, the new Boa requires even less effort to adjust when you’re on the bike or before a ride. Different than the Velar the shoe is slightly lighter and the fabric thinner.

 Cycling shoe review vittoria revolve green

vittoria cycling revolve shoe
Contact us to order the Revolve in black, white or green

These shoes are really light and the sole feels really stiff. I’m particular about the fit of shoes so I can be more finicky than other riders. But the Revolve feel comfortable And they have this slight curvature to the shoe structure that follows around the foot. Its a secure feeling. Also, I can move my toes inside but because of this internal grip fabric they don’t slide around.

Hot Weather

On long rides in hotter weather my feet don’t over heat whatsoever. Maybe its this woven fabric because Ive used synthetics before - which need ventilation to compensate.

In Rain

Having ridden in rain even with the fabric upper the Revolve don’t easily get wet. You can watch the beads of liquid run off - the fabric is designed to repel water. Because of the wrap upper design and fabric you’d need to go ride through torrential rain before your feet get soaked.

using cycling shoes

 The Shoe Inners

The fabric is grippy inside and the texture allows you to wear a really thin sock without letting your foot slip around. It prevents movement in general - which means better power transfer and less likelihood you’ll have rubbing or pain areas.

Vittoria use their anatomical moldable inner sole. You can heat them in your oven to give extra support. But the shape is already a good structure and I never need to use the heat.


As far as cleaning, the design and graphic is good - you don’t notice grease marks. You can use a sneaker protectant and a cleaner. But I don't see marks will be a problem with the graphic and colours Vittoria chose. I think riders who wear white shoes are more careful than I’d tend to be. So I cant say how the white Revolve clean even with the water repellant upper. But you probably want to be safe and cover them with a dirt repellant as well.

Cleaning your cycling shoes

 Overall I’d recommend the Revolve to anyone needing an upgrade and a rider who wants to be comfortable but also get the most out of their power. They're even good for riders who struggle with small adjustments as you ride, like changed weather conditions that affect foot swelling or preparing for a sprint when you need to quickly tighten.

David Piacenti Vittoria Revolve Cycling shoe review

Revolve are ready to order in three colour ways - black, white and the green. They can also be made with Speedplay base and half sizings. Interested in the Revolve?

To order your size, colour and width choice in the Revolve contact us.

To secure a pair of Revolve today find more here.

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