Cicli Barco : Custom Build of the Week

Cicli Barco : Custom Build of the Week

If something good has come from 2020, here it is. The Chainsmith Team was incredibly happy to finally open a freshly arrived package from Italy. And with the build, things only got better. See the transformation in our Build of the Week...

Custom Cicli Barco Stainless Steel / Carbon Frameset
Campagnolo EPS Super Record 12speed disc Groupset
Ursus TC37 Disc Carbon Miura Wheelset
Vittoria Corsa Control Tyres
Alpitude Bottle Cages and Garmin Mount
Deda Elementi Trentacinque Superleggera Carbon 35 Bar/stem
Deda Elementi Superzero Seatpost
Deda Elementi Presta Bar Tape
Speedplay Pedals
SMP Dynamic Saddle
Chris King Headset


This complete custom frameset by Cicli Barco is a nod to the resurgence of steel with a contemporary twist.

custom frame cicli barco

While we acknowledge the definite lure of stainless steel for a new generation of rider, the additional carbon tubing attracts a rider with a penchant for elegance and performance. A bike such as this isn’t for the financially faint hearted but designed to fulfil the need of a health conscious professional with an appreciation for product that provides decades of pleasure.


This is a bike destined to remain forever young, appreciated as much in 20 years as it was on the very first ride.


Silk smooth stainless steel lugs show incredible marks of craftsmanship via visibly welded joints. Beyond the steel, the carbon tubes are likely the second distinctive feature noticed.

cicli barco custom bike frames

Elevating our pleasure of looking is a dark and moody high-gloss blue. The sombre mirror finish in the right light reveals the beauty of carbon weave below. From afar the frame can be simply mistaken as painted steel. Upon close proximity the penetrable details in carbon are sumptuous.


carbon cicli barco

You can remain captivated by details as if looking at art. Master Barco builders Alberto and Maurizio proudly brand their names in brass on the chain stay. This is the first received frame to display the name plate; an addition feature to ensure the owner knows exactly whose hands are responsible.

alberto maurizio cicli barco

However, the badges of honor are not just branded for aesthetic or artistic sake.


Cicli Barco has a heritage involved in race bikes that are made to perform. Alongside impeccable precision in build, the family provide reassuring competence in each individual geometry. Every frame made for its distinct owner is created to elevate the owners experience of cycling to provide an entirely new cycling experience.


The geometry is designed so the eventual frame will literally mould to the body. The bike is an extension of the rider and it’s this changed perception of how a bike should be made to fit the rider that alters the mass marketing process of buying a bike.


Perfectly encapsulating what it is to own custom, every tube is sized, cut and adhered for the individual owner. And as much as the frame itself is tailored, the mechanical additions are further defined by the riders aspirations.


This bike celebrates the rebirth of steel while infusing contemporary materials and the result is an enhancement to riding performance. The carbon acts to smooth the bumps and further reduce the weight. Meanwhile the stiffness of the steel provides slick cornering and strength on the flats.

bottom bracket cicli barco

The most central and impactful detail is the stainless steel lug at the bottom bracket. This intricate formation of steel is as central to the frame as a strong heart is for an athlete.


The Build

custom italian frame chainsmith

As a whole, the entire bike displays distinctive features that ensure synergy between the frame and its components.


We have paired this frame set with Campagnolo EPS Super record 12 speed Disc Groupset. This groupset differs from others beyond its illustrious Italian heritage. Campagnolo stands out for maintaining the highest standards in terms of aesthetics and feel. There is no competition when it comes to either the immediate smooth and soundless shifting or consistent, responsive braking performance. Campagnolo EPS SR orchestrates a lavish display of distinct materials. UD Carbon creates the brave levers, shifters, front and rear derailleurs and crankset. The crankset has ceramic bottom bracket bearings and titanium Axel. The rear derailleur is full carbon and the pulley wheels also possess ceramic bearings. This is a lavish unparalleled blend that continues to improve notably the efficiency of the rider while boosting performance.


Each component chosen is done so with the sole purpose of satisfying the riders physical comfort and athletic aspirations. The wide rim of the Ursus Carbon Wheelset parred with Vittoria Corsa Control tyres mean smooth rolling, especially good for devouring corners. An SMP saddle perches atop the Deda Elementi SuperZero Carbon seat post, effectively shaped to brace the rider’s position and provide additional support on the hills.

cicli barco deda elementi superleggera

Meanwhile, we installed the Deda Elementi Superleggera Bar and stem in the thicker 35 series to enable ergonomic handling. Again the carbon smothers road chatter while the size accommodates and balances the large sized frameset.


The bike is finished with complementary Alpitude Carbon computer mount and two bottle cages in 6K of which are a mere 9.5 grams each. These final details tip the hat to a new Carbon master of Italy, Andrea Sega.

alpitude components carbon bottle cage lightweight carbon bottle cage

The custom frame is not for everyone. But it is for riders who refuse to conform to generic productions and who’d rather spend days on distinctly individualised frames built for size and purpose. This carbon and stainless steel model by Cicli Barco is even more specific for a discerning forward thinking owner who simultaneously pays homage to Italian Cycling history through appreciation.

To order a Cicli Barco

Please get in touch with the staff at Chainsmith. The Cicli Barco have a multitude of variable options, and understanding what is available is a complicated process.

To understand more about how custom frames may benefit your riding experience tap here.

Alison McGregor Alison McGregor ; Co-Founder of Chainsmith Bikes


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