Basso Palta Gravel Bike : Campagnolo Dream

Basso Palta Gravel Bike : Campagnolo Dream

When building the Basso Palta there was no issue to apply the Basso philosophy, “The frame is an extension of the cyclist" To achieve unity between machine and rider, we specifically design a build to perfectly tailor the needs of its owner.

basso palta gravel bike

This is a proud moment for the soon to be rider. Its also a proud moment for our workshop. The Palta is a beautiful frame that boasts both speed and comfort even over the grittiest and toughest off-road terrain. But par that with not one but two newly released and specific gravel products by the esteemed Campagnolo and Deda Elementi and you’ve got a bike worthy of pro level racing.

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gera gravel bar deda elementi

Of course, our rider may not compete professionally, but he’ll certainly ride confidently knowing nothing has been compromised.

ekar campagnolo groupset gravelgera gravelbar deda elementi

Lets first focus on the build.


  • Basso Palta frameset
  • Campagnolo Ekar Groupset
  • Deda Elementi Gera Handlebar
  • Campagnolo Shamal Carbon wheel set
  • Challenge Strada Bianca TLR Tyres
  • Astute Star Carbon rail Saddle

gravel bike basso palta


While this is not a custom frame in the traditional sense, the build is tailored to meet the future demands of the rider. The brief? A versatile complete bike that in every way incorporates traditional Italian Heritage in Brands, alongside innovative cutting edge technology.


basso gravel bike copper palta


The Palta frame is a stunning copper with a finish that challenges the camera due to the deep change in moving light. Basso colour palettes always impress and the paint quality proves dependable even through treacherous rocky trails.


campagnolo ekar review


For the Graveleurs amongst us, it doesn't take an expert eye to recognise the groupset. Chainsmith is proudly one of only a handful of Campagnolo Dealers to be initially offered the Campagnolo Ekar Groupsets. And we think this Basso Palta frameset is deserving to be the introductory build in Australia. We wrote about Ekar in advance of its arrival so, while the features were known to us, the details and the finish were comparatively untold. We were more than pleasantly surprised with the overall aesthetics.


gera deda lementi gravel bar review


Most notable are the Deda Elementi Gera bars. With their extreme curved then flared design, the bar setup allows for multiple hand and body positions as the rider eases into regular use of his Palta. The bar tape, another Deda product, nicely matches the tan sidewalls of the Challenge tyres.


campagnolo shamal db carbon gravel wheelset  

Speaking of tyres, we set the Palta for immediate use on Sydney streets (hence the speedplay pedals). A slick tyre surface with the handmade Challenge Strada Bianca with tubeless set up avoids time-consuming flats while simultaneously maintaining smooth comfortable rolling resistance.


As for the wheels? You’ll keenly notice we used the newest product by Campagnolo… the Shamal DB Carbon gravel and on road Wheelset. These have a beautiful aesthetic which almost seems too good to use on gravel. But we’re even further impressed by Campagnolo’s engineering feat of the all-new N3W bodies, which allow retrofitting as well as compatible allowances for Shimano and SRAM.


Lastly, the finishing Italian touch comes from Astute. A carbon rail saddle to reduce weight and to seal the deal with their flare for design.


best gravel bike review 2021


While we’re not converts to the idea that one bike can do every genre competitively, this frame and build is nevertheless ready to take on every condition at the request of the rider. We’re on stand buy when it comes time to adapt the ride for specific gravel and it’ll be a pleasure to prove the true versatility of this build. So, if its a unique all rounder you’re after, Chainsmith can certainly accommodate to the highest standard exemplified by this Basso Palta.


Alison McGregorWritten by Alison McGregor, Co Founder of Chainsmith Bike Shop

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