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PMP TUBELESS VALVES Why is it a revolution?

"More volume, more air, more efficiency, less problems."

The biggest benefits? Highest air flow allows you to quickly and effectively seal tyres to rims.

Here the 9 advantages of the new VT+

  • 280% more air volume transfer inside the valve in contrast to the traditional one.
  • No risk of obstruction caused by solidified latex.
  • Perfect adherence of Tubeless tires, thanks to more air volume transfer in less time.
  • The Sealant A.C.R. system is composed by a small tire tube, able to catch the latex inside the tube without removing the hood and the valve.
  • Easy and fast dismantling, even on the trail, thanks to the possibility to add an inner tube after an incision and perforation.
  • Easy and efficient maintenance ensured by the possibility to dissemble the "core" of the valve.
  • The possibility of adaptation on 14mm to 26mm high rims guaranteed by its two-part structure.
  • Complete closure of every kind of rims thanks to a better contact seal with the internal channel.
  • The valve is protected by a tire hood to preserve integrity and functionality over time

* Includes 2 x PMP TUBELESS VALVES and 2 x hosing

* Not compatible with screw-on inflator or pump

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