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Building a bike from the frame is our specialty. The frame, group set, components and wheels are based on each customer needs.

We also help select ready to roll bikes from a wide range of European models

Our collection of custom built bikes and frames provide each customer distinct difference to suit their exact riding needs. That means greater options in paint scheme, components, frame geometry and materials


Combine that with the fact our mechanics offer the best services - its no wonder Chainsmith has swiftly become Sydney's favoured Bike Builders

So, what are the bike brands that we choose to house at Chainsmith?


WERKING - Carbon

Back in 2017 we confidently chose to represent the Werking brand who design, make, and paint the frame entirely in Italy.

We’ve a demo Model S in-store as reveiwed by Cycling Tips, demonstrating the traits of Italian Frame-building. We've built the S Model with Campagnolo Record alongside Ursus Components and Wheelset, and consequently this frame excels over the mountainous terrain in which it was made.

We've since returned to see Andrea Sega's latest Anormale model as featured below.


EPOCA - Carbon

We've an incredible fondness for the Epoca Team. Discussing and receiving a Custom Carbon Epoca Frameset in 2017, we were delighted to get the chance to meet with Ali and the Team during our 2018 visit.

As many a customer review will attest, Epoca stands by the claim to provide the best bike you've ever ridden in terms of performance and fit.

Epoca has been making frames for Renowned Bike Companies for years now, and based in their expertise its obvious they design custom frames with a geometric difference. The Epoca Team consists of experienced carbon specialists and bike-fit professionals. Each individual frame is noticeably tuned to the needs of its individual rider.

The workshop, as well as the paint studio are in close proximity and our tour was intensely educational regarding the details behind Carbon weave and its subsequent properties, strengths and uses.

Our Retail Purchaser, David, has reviewed his own Epoca.


CHESINI - Carbon, Steel, Titanium

A warm place for a beautiful bike strikes the heart of every steel bike lover. Chesini are steel specialists and their Verona store is the dream for every bike owner.

A stones throw from the Ponte Navi this historic shopfront contains sensational fresco walls that mirror the classic inspiration heralded within every Chesini frame. Tradition, however does not mean Chesini is adverse to innovation. And their latest gravel frames prove Chesini's diversity is on the cutting edge.

The custom frames are beautiful to say the least. Every aesthetic detail speaks of a genuine love for design. The bikes themselves promise to deliver an incredible ride due to each tube being tailored specifically to its rider.

There is a model to suit every rider from Gravel to commuter to Racing. And if Steel is not your thing, then let the titanium or Carbon range tempt you.



BASSO - Carbon

Invite yourself to the Basso Head Office in Bassano and you'll be guaranteed an excellent coffee, some tips to the best local rides, and a glorious collection of Italian Basso Bikes.

A Basso cannot be hidden in the bunch, and you can always depend on new wave of fresh attractive graphics. Theres a Basso Road Bike Geometry to suit even the most relaxed endurance rider. Meanwhile the Competitive Cyclist will be thrilled by speed and feel of a Diamante SV.

We have access to Basso Demo Bikes, and will be pleased to help.


WILIER - Carbon, Steel, Alloy

We always look forward to the yearly additions in Wilier Triestina's range. 2019 is introducing a new Pro Cento 10, a TT, and an Electric Road bike.

We got to test the latter and were surprised at several ingenious design choices.

In Australia the E-Bike has been slow to take off, but as riders see the great benefits, we believe the slick appearing and lightweight Wilier Hybrid deserves a place as favourite. While we are more versed with their Road Bikes, Wilier have totally outdone themselves.

The weight defying Zero6 celebrated anniversary Zero 6 frameset is still the hot contender for the lightest of race bikes, and alongside the latest TT, and the Aero performing Pro Cento10, the Zero 6 played its part for Direct Energy Team in 2018 Tour de France.

At Chainsmith there’s a reason why our Wilier GTR is the hands down best seller for new road bike owners. The GTR answers to those looking for Italian design and handling; the frames are beautiful to look at and offer stability with an easy to ride relaxed geometry.

PINARELLO - Carbon, Steel

Founded in 1952 and today ridden by the Renowned Team Sky, Pinarello remains the Elite Pinnacle of Italian Cycling.

What more needs to be said of Pinarello? This is an exciting brand to work with as they prove to consistently produce winning framesets and are simultaneously controversial in their marketing.

A decent ride over various landscapes on a Dogma is enough to convince any discerning cyclist that they're worth their weight.

While we can provide complete Pinarello’s, our specialty is to customise your build to target your demands with the most suitable components. We encourage interaction in the process and have a wide available range of Italian products including wheel sets to suit any rider.

With all our Italian brands, the rigorous process of customisation will initiate a relationship beyond what any generic bought bike will offer.


DEDACCIAI - Carbon, Steel, Titanium, Alloy

Customised Road Bikes made with Italian passion

Dedacciai proudly sits amongst the most progressive of Tubing producers in Italian Cycling History. Importantly, Dedacciai continue to evolve.

The origins of this Company are built in steel tubing. Dedacciai later developed a revolutionary super light weight aluminium tubing. Dedacciai proved innovative by combining of rare element; Scandium. The use of Titanium soon followed with Dedacciai Ti frames built in face of durable demands that withstand the test of time.

Today Dedacciai is renowned for its carbon fibre frames of the highest standards. The range of carbon frames are designed for purposes : road, track, time trial, cyclocross, mtb and off-road.

You will recognise the Dedacciai markings on many vintage high-end Road bikes. Having ridden Dedacciai Bicycles for over two years, Chainsmith staff can attest to the resulting beauty of the ride.

ORBEA - Carbon and Alloy

 Committed to Developing Bike Technology and Performance

Orbea began as a rifle producer in 1840, but by 1930 was building frames and has successfully integrated within into both the Pro Road Racing and MTB scene.

For Italian Specialists choosing bicycles from Basque Country may be thought as strange. However, our relationship with Orbea spans years and we vouch for both their reliability and performance. Orbea will continue to remain in our collection of high quality bikes.

Regarding their road bikes and having tested the Orca, we establish this frame as a very direct and easy to ride geometry in need of little bike handling proficiency. That means more focus on your performance and enjoyment of the ride, and less conscious decisions made to stay on the road.

Orbea produce the Avant range : road bikes that won't stretch the budget but retain the Orbea aesthetic. The Avant come in Carbon or Alloy, and are perfect for those starting our or progressing to the next level.

Made in Spain, Orbea remain a favourite for Chainsmith customers and we've always an order from Spain on the go.

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